Saturday, February 9, 2008

All About Texan Mama

Howdy, Y'all. Welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere. Buckle your seat-belt because, as I like to say, Even the Chaos is Bigger in Texas.

I'm a full-time stay-at-home mom, raising 5 Peanuts and tending to a great hubby. I'm 38 years old, and older than Texan Papa by a year and a half. I am patiently waiting to go back to teaching high school math, once the Peanuts are a little bit older. I love to take photographs and read and sew and scrapbook and raise vegetables. I also love to shop and go out with friends and meet new people. I guess I can't figure out if I'm a country girl or a city slicker.

The Texan Family moved down here in April '08. I'm a Texas transplant and the Lone Star state is growing on me. We currently live in the DFW area, but my hometown is St. Louis, Missouri (Where did YOU go to high school?). Besides growing up there I have also lived in Wisconsin, rural IL, and even Ireland (for a semester in college).

Texan Papa is a Lutheran (LCMS) pastor, but not currently ministering in a parish. He loves to fish and I tolerate that. We got married in 1998; a short 8 months and 3 days after we met. Sometimes we don't always see eye-to-eye, but he's been the only guy I've ever dated who didn't let me push him around. I guess you could say, we take turns wearing the pants in our family.

My Peanuts are: Peppermint Patty (10 y.o. - sensitive, sweet, easygoing, a "mother hen"), Charlie Brown (9 y.o. - quiet, intelligent, introspective, helper), Linus (7 y.o. - precocious, energetic, LOUD, athletic), and Baby Sally (2 and a half y.o. - stubborn, great sleeper, smiler, daddy's girl).

Our most recent addition to the family is baby Violet. She was born in November 2009 so you do the math because counting months goes way too quickly. She's absolutely wonderful and all her older siblings think she is the cutest dolly they've ever held.

5-29-10 baby in the garden

I began blogging in 2008, after our move to Texas, as a way to meet people since I was feeling isolated at home with 4 small children and no friends in our new town. I started Who Put Me In Charge Of These People??? with an idea that has stuck - personal reflections about the chaos that is real life - previously an ethereal dream about a doting husband and obedient children, crashing into the reality of a challenging marriage and the incredibly exhausting job of motherhood.

As you look around here at the place I call home, you might be surprised how much we have in common, or how different we are, depending on what challenges and blessings you've been given in your life. Some of my own challenges include: I've had a miscarriage. I've faced prejudice. I've been on medication to keep me from falling apart on a daily basis. I've moved 5 times (4 different states) in the last 12 years. I've questioned my marriage. I've questioned my faith. I've failed at friendship. I suffered a loss with my sister greater than any loss imaginable. On the upside, my I've been blessed as well: I come from a pretty nuclear family (my parents are still married after 55+ years) and I grew up in affluent suburbia. I've never been poor. I've never been really sick. I've never lost a parent. I've traveled to Europe. I've never faced infertility.

Mostly I'm just a lady who is trying to get a balance between being a great wife, a decent mom, a caring friend, and a faithful child of God. Every day is a new challenge but I'm up for it!

If you haven't already figured this out, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There are lots of people in this world who are just like you, but you haven't met them yet. I'm glad you stopped here and I hope that you can feel comfortable reading and commenting - or not commenting - as you like. I would love to hear from you, even if you disagree with me (but play nice - as long as you're polite and mature to me and you'll get the same in return.) Bottom line: this blog is a home for everyone who's not sure of anything except that life is coming at us, full steam, and we need to stick together if we want to survive. (Think of Who Put Me In Charge Of These People??? as a big internet Snuggie.)



stephanie (bad mom) said...

So I'm a dummy who just found this page with all these photos - you are GORGEOUS people! Not that I had visions of you being unattractive, but seriously. Those babies are out of this world adorable, and you & your man are just precious sweet cute :D

Chris said...

Please tell me this hasn't ALWAYS been here. And for the record, I totally always pictured you as blonde. LOL

MeadowLark said...

I didn't see you like that at all. I saw you all "studious and dishwater brown with a permanent frazzled look".

Oh wait. That's me.

And I'm sending you an email with a cool-guy offer. (if i find your email. Otherwise, email me!)

Shannon said...

Hi fellow Texan... just found your blog. I love your layout.

~Thought's By Dena~ said...

wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes we are headed to texas this next week. Going to see my brother and sister who are in grand prairie and also going to the nascar race. My brother and sister want me to move there so bad and honestly its something I think about alot!!!!

Gail said...

I clicked on the link from Sidz Kidz only because it said Texan. lol And now I see it says you're in DFW! Too funny!! Adorable kids you've got. Sounds like your house is a lot of fun too. :)

Eva Gallant said...

I am eating Hersey kisses as I type! I am a retired high school teacher, and my blog post today is a memory of those days that you may get a chuckle out of!

just stopping by from SITS to say hi; hope you'll do the same.

Anonymous said...

Hey Texan Mama!
Howdy! Fellow DFW blogger that just found your site. Very cute!

Adorable family, I am hooked. :-)

Baby Aanestad said...

Hi there! Found you in another blog (Scary Mamma) and came here to check it out. :)

It's exciting to see you're in Texas - I'm new in the area. Moved here with hubby and 8 yo son, 5 months ago - we live in Frisco, and we reeeally like it here. It's much better then we expected - but we didn't know what to expect since we'd never been to Texas... And it was easy to fall in love with it - it's so easy to live here! The place, the people... Fantastic. :)

Oh, and I am italian-brazilian and hubby is danish-norwegian. Our family is a salad mix, hehe. Anyways. I'm due in a month (it's a girl now, yupiii!) and I'm very curious to read more about you in the blog - let's see how the Texans do it, he he. ;)

Have a great weekend!

Fabulous Terrah said...

Hello fellow DFW mama! My name is Terrah and I found your full-filling blog through SITS. Off to look around some more!

Gabbin' Gal Nan said...

LOVE YOUR BLOG! Just found it! So real and GAB-u-losity! I'm in Texas and have a webtv show called Gabbin' with the Girls with Nan & Erin on Join us Texas Gals sometime. We usually do our show on Thursdays, but doing it tonight for this week. 9pm-10pm cst. We are kicking off our webtv Book Club! Love for you to join us!

Christina said...

I came here from I Heart Faces, and loved the name of your blog. It's so right-on. :) Just wanted to say hi.

Tye said...

I'm absolutely loving your blog and how real that you are. We have so much in common. I as well came from St. Louis, Missouri. We just moved to Texas (San Antonio) about 2 weeks ago and it's really rough right now because I don't know anyone. We travel a lot (military) and we just left beautiful Hawaii. So this is all new to me. Well I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog and I'm loving your writing style.

Diary of a Chic Mommy

Crystal said...

It was so nice to meet you face to face today! Your kids are adorable! Thanks for chatting wiht me.... I know I can be a talker, but it is nice to connect with others mom's who seem to be of common minds. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just stopped over from SITS, and was intrigued since you are a Texas Mama - so am I. I was transplanted here from California - eons ago. I grew up in Texas, so I say I am truly a Texas girl. I, too, also live in the DFW area and have done so since we came here when I was 4. I have two great kids - one, just a few months older than your youngest - and one a bit older than your oldest.

BTW, I love your title! Have a blessed day!

Laura said...

congrats on being the SITS feature! I like your "about" section a lot. it's very inspiring.

Meg said...

Found your blog today! So glad I did. I really think I am going to enjoy reading it. Feel free to check out my blog sometime.

amy of the salvage collection said...

where do i begin? your writing style, your words, your honesty---it all hits home with me. perhaps it's due to my love of texas, esp the DFW area where my family was lucky to live for 3 short years.

a delighted new follower (hey, how can i get you in my mailbox??? my reader's overflowing!)