Saturday, June 28, 2008

Life, back to normal

Well, fast-forward from day one of hubby's departure for 3 weeks.... to day one of hubby being home sweet home. The three weeks were quite hectic. Let me see if I can put all the things that we did into one blog. I might miss something, which means I'd have to either edit later or make a new blog. We'll see.

We went to the pool here in town. Much Much fun. Lots of slides, a lazy river, fountains, shallow water, places to climb, etc. Add to that the fact that I had 2-for-1 coupons and this was a very enjoyable day. The kids were sufficiently tired-out, mom got a little bit of sun, and we did it all without even fighting with each other!

We attended church two Sundays. First time, not so great. The lady and man in front of us kept giving us the "evil eye" which I am all too familar with. The looks says, "Shut those kids up and teach them how to sit still. I'm trying to worship here!!!! After all, I was never an infant, never spoke louder than a whisper in public, and always minded my parents. And, I always had both parents with me and no sisters or brothers to keep them busy." So, you can see how these people did not understand my circumstance with 4 kids ages 8 and younger, being by myself. So, how do I handle this??? I get a little teary, which by the way moves all of my kids to say "I'm so sorry you're sad mommy. Is there anything I can do? Can I get you some tissues? I will pray for you, Mommy." That almost makes me cry more! But after I compose myself I simply wait till the end of church and confront the lady. Go for the jugular. I say, "I'm so sorry my kids and I may have bothered you during church. You know, it's pretty difficult to get them all here and quiet too. I just feel it's really important to have them here with me in church." She turned all nice and said she completely understood, that she too had 4 children to bring to church with her and that she thinks I'm doing a great thing for them.

So, now I'm thinking... am I just paranoid? Maybe that look wasn't the evil eye. Maybe it was the "pity eye". I know it because I have actually given it. It's the look that says, "Hey sister, I've been there, done that, and I feel for ya." Immediately I asked God for forgiveness for the harsh thoughts I sent her way (during church, no less!) and thanked Him for not opening my mouth to the kids about it.

Life is funny that way. Just when you think you're gonna stick up for yourself, someone comes along and sticks up for you instead. Just one more instance of God showing me who's really the boss.

The second Sunday in church was not as eventful. We went to the late "praise" service, which is a little more difficult for me because there is not a specific ritual followed. The praise service is more casual and the songs are in a little songbook, not the hymnal, so I have to juggle holding the baby, holding the bulletin, holding the songbook (and turning its pages), and monitoring my 3 older children. Not impossible or even unpleasant, just a challenge.

The second week my Darling Husband was gone was VBS at the church. More on that later, but we all had a fun week. Kids attended, I led a small group of preschoolers, and the baby went to the nursery. It was WONDERFULLY put together and all the volunteers did a fantastic job.

On Thursday of VBS week I had a car accident. I rear-ended someone. I also had all my kids in the car plus one extra playmate. It scared the hoo-ha out of me and also the kids. It's just one of those things that happen, and I know that's what insurance is for, but still I beat myself up over it. There was some damage to my vehicle, more to theirs, but both cars were driveable. I am still awaiting my van to come back from the shop.

This last week my Mother in law visited to give me some relief. Actually I think me and the kids are doing okay, but it has been a long 2 1/2 weeks. She is really a fantastic MIL and I am so lucky that we get along so well.

While my DH was gone, I asked the kids, "It's wierd, isn't it, not having Dad around?" They responded, "Yeah, it's like you're divorced." I mentioned, "Well, I think it's more like Dad is in the army and has gone to Iraq. That must be so hard for the families whose Dad goes to Iraq for months and months at a time." They said, "Yeah..." but I can't even imagine what that's like. My DH is the rock of our family and such an awesome father and husband. If he were gone, I don't think I could do a very good job on my own of raising my sons. Boys need a father, or father-figure, and I know I would fail miserably on that front.

Now he is home, our life is back to normal, and we are all feeling an unstated calm. Everything is smoother and life feels more in control. Ah, the blessing of family!

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Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

It's hard to have them gone, isn't it? Absence makes the heart grow fonder. But, I also know when Brian is gone some, the boys and I have a kind of 'vacation' doing fun and silly things we wouldn't do with Brian home - pancakes for dinner, pajama parties at 5:30 with soda, ice cream, popcorn, etc.