Monday, June 9, 2008

My First Blog Post

Wow, it feels like the first day of school... I'm not exactly sure where I'm going or what I'm doing, but I do know that I'm BLOGGING!!! I'm sure my blog will be no more exciting that 99.9% of the other blogs out there, but to the few people who are interested in the lives of 6 transplants to Texas, I've provided a simple way to get a glimpse of what's going on here.

Today was quite an exciting day, beginning at 5:15 am when my amazing husband left for his 3-week training session for Federal Employees. I convinced the boys to climb in bed with me, in hopes of getting a few more hours of sleep until I had to drag myself out of bed. Of course, they tossed and turned and talked, but I was sleepy enough to block it all out and I was feeling very grateful that the boys are finally getting along much better that I didn't ask them to be quiet.

It's funny... I thought the boys would never get along. Linus really knows how to push all of Charlie Brown's buttons, and Charlie Brown just HATES getting his buttons pushed. Linus knows that the only way to get his brother's attention is to push the buttons, and he's right. And Charlie Brown just can't stand to ignore Linus. So, the cycle continues. But as of late, the boys have been spending more time together playing and cooperating than they usually do. More often, I am witness to one boy child running into the room (thinking that by me watching them it is like "base"), followed by the other boy child, who begins to scratch/kick/punch/scream at the first one. This often escalates into a real-life knock-down, drag-out fight. I don't usually intervene because the scrabble doesn't last long. And they're getting exercise anyway.

So, just when I thought my two boys would grow up being friends with other people, it turns out they are friends with each other. Whooda thunk it?

Every evening I really dread the "witching hour" (which for me, is that time from about 3:30pm-5:00pm when I'm trying to make dinner but everyone needs something from me). Tonight, as the witching hour approached, I decided to be proactive and pull out some brand-new workbooks. One for each child. Age appropriate for each kid. I bought these to keep my kids' school skills fresh throughout the summer. Back at the beginning of summer vacation - you know, 4 days ago - I told myself that I didn't need no stinkin' workbooks! I could make those sheets up on my own! Well, I am 4 days smarter now and I know good and well that I'll never get to those sheets and look! Here they are! In color! And as thick as a phone book! And for less that $10 each! SOLD!!! So, as I pull out the workbooks, of course my kids start yelling, "Where are the pencils? Do I have to use crayons or can I use markers? What page do I start on? Where can I work on my workbook?" Once all the chaos has subsided, and "school time" has started, I start on making dinner. After about 15 minutes, I notice that I haven't heard anything in a while and I wonder if the workbooks have been abandoned for a bicycle ride or a sneak play on the Game Boy. I peek my head around the corner, and I must admit I'm SHOCKED to see all 3 kids working quietly and dilligently on their workbooks. Well, that is the best money I have spent in a long time. They stayed quiet all the way till dinner. I'll have to see tomorrow if the trick works again or if it was a bit of one-day magic.

Our day finished with the excitement of a small medical snafoo... I believe the baby swallowed a Lego. I was vacuuming the hall, and I saw her standing by the boys' Lego table. I didn't think anything about it, till I turned off the vacuum and heard her screaming. I went to check on her, even though I was only about 8 feet away, and I found her coughing and drooling. I immediatley thought, "oh no". I tried to give her a few squeezes and I swept her mouth with my pinky but came up empty-handed, literally. She continued to cough a bit but was breathing normally. I decided to nurse her because I figured the swallowing might cause her to "move things along". She did fine and nursed again later too. I am hoping she just passes it in the next couple of days. Truthfully, I don't even know if she swallowed anything at all, but it just seems to fit what I observed. I immediately called my pediatrician friend, who advised me to just watch her and (this is a hoot!) maybe give her something to eat that I will probably "see again" like corn. That way we'll know how long it takes for the item to get from mouth of the baby to the mouth of the river, so to speak (my words, not hers). Luckily I had given her mandarin orange segments, which usually show themselves in a diaper later. I pray that if she indeed swallowed a lego, that it was a small one!

So much for day 1 of my hubby's 3-week hiatus from our house. Hopefully I won't screw the kids up too much tomorrow!


earthmama said...


So, Lego's -eh? That's no fun! My doc recommended bringing her (my daughter) in to do a scan with a metal detector- just to be on the safe side. Then, they sent us to radiology to get an x-ray of the digestive tract. They couldn't see it on film, which was expected, but at least we ruled out anything wooden or metal. So, we were told to be vigilant for 2 months of any fevers or prolonged or odd coughing. Apparently there was a small risk- but not totally uncommon, that she may have aspirated it into her lungs & the fever/coughing would have alerted us to an infection in her lung as a result of the "lodged lego". Yeah. We were a bit freaked out. Seriously? A kid can just hang out with a lego in their lung? Well, all is well now. No fevers or funny coughs to speak of & I think we're in the clear. Although, I am not aware of it passing through- if you know what I mean. But, our doctor said it could take some time & not to bother checking. So, I hope this helps?! Are you OK? How old is your little one? LEGOS make me CRAZY!!! Hey, FYI, I have a really good friend who lives in Forth Worth with her husband & new baby- Jen & Josh Vaughan & baby Lakoda. Any chance you know each other? Take care & good luck! Let me know how it turns out & WELCOME to the blogging world! I'm pretty new too. My friend Brigid "BRIDGE" invited me onto the Blog with her. I am "earthmama"- my real name is Lisa. Great to meet you!!

Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

Okay. So this was a couple weeks ago. Any lego poop???