Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fun in the Sun

Well, we didn't have a great 4th of July. Handsome R got called into work 12-8pm, and our friends that we were going to celebrate with had to cancel too, for other reasons. So, the kids and I just hung out. That is, I listened to them whine, "Can I play the computer more??? Can I watch TV??? Are we gonna go see fireworks tonight???" The answers were no, no, and sadly no. The former two - well our kids get too much "idiot box" as it is, but as for the fireworks, we didn't know where to go to see them, when they'd be going on, who to go with, etc. So I ended up driving around at 10pm telling the kids to keep their eyes peeled. They'd see and explosion in the sky and I'd put the pedal to the metal and drive in that direction. I think, in total, we saw 2 firework explosions. Whoop.

SO, on the 5th of July, we went to the pool. Here's the highlights:

Aah, family togetherness. Can't beat it with a stick.

Baby MP ended up getting a sunburn that day. Bad mommy! But not nearly as bad as mine.

SE pulled MP around in this floatie. The lifeguard told us that SE is not old enough to do that by herself. I was busy taking pictures. Bad Mommy!

RS loved this waterslide - couldn't get enough of it. He wanted me to go on it with him but I wouldn't. Bad mommy!

JL learned to dive this summer. He's 5 and has been going off the board since he was 3 - the same summer he learned how to do a flip. I'm not kidding. He's afraid of NOTHING.

RS did a trick - a cannonball and a wave.

That's how we have fun down here in TX because you know how hot it is. I think it was 98 degrees that day, and it has been in the 90's every day since May 1 and has not gotten lower than that yet. I've heard people say, "Oh, it gets really hot in August." I'm like, what the f#@&?? This isn't hot??? I guess we'll see.

And finally, me. I got as red as a tomato that day. I love this swim suit but you can see how my boobs are sliding into my armpits. This picture was one thing that caused me to write the Poem About My Boobs (see previous post).

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Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

Bummer! Any plans for a trip "back home" before school starts?