Saturday, July 5, 2008

Lego Poop

For the random people reading, or concerned, Baby Sally still has not produced any poop in the shape of a rectangle nor colored bright blue. I am not sure if the Lego swallowing incident was just a close call or if that Lego is still biding its time somewhere in my baby's body. (Insert body shudder here). She is acting normal. I have consulted two pediatricians and Sally has been seen by one of them. I have waited almost a whole month. No fever, no abdominal pains (that I have noticed).

So now my attention turns to batteries. And barrettes. And buttons. And of course THE DOG FOOD BOWL where she used to like to eat the kibble but now she prefers to dump it all on the floor and splash in the puddle she has just made. I hope this one survives my pathetic attempt at parenting.

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Mrs. G. said...

Now that is any eye catching post title-owww.

Thanks for you hitch hiking story-it was the best of the few words and yet so much punch.