Tuesday, July 29, 2008

They can't break me

Yesterday was the day that all the bad kharma in the universe shat upon me.

Yes I said shat. As in the past tense of... you know. Here's what I mean:

AT&T - you bastards. It is bad enough that you charge me the wrong amount after you have agreed on a price for my phone service. It is bad enough that I have to call back every two weeks to get it straightened out. It totally sucks that I have to wait, on hold, for 30 minutes or more every time I call. But when I finally get through to someone and explain my problem, I am swiftly transferred to a different department, let me say the WRONG department, whence I am put on hold again. I wish upon you the waiting for a bowel movement of equal time to all the time I have spent on hold with you.

Local Shopowners - Please, if there is going to only be one of you working in the store, bring your lunch to work. Do not leave to go get lunch and close your shop. It does not make me feel better to see a cute little sign on the door saying that you left 5 minutes ago and will be back in 25 more minutes. I want my damn shoe that you fixed right now! I DO HAVE OTHER ERRANDS, YOU KNOW.

Library - I really love your books. I think the public library is the best thing on this planet. But when you grant my children the permission to own their very own library card, complete with lending benefits and, therefore, overdue fines, would it be so hard to just link their cards to mine so that I can check which of their books are still out? Now I have to find all 4 cards, write down all 4 card numbers and PIN numbers on a piece of paper, and (most difficult) not lose the piece of paper.

Dude in SUV - Hey I know I'm backing out of a parking spot. And I know you are coming down the parking lane and you have the right of way. But if you are like 20 spots away and you see me backing up, why do you feel the need to speed way up, just to force me to pull back into my space to wait for you to pass? Umm, that's just being a jerk and a road hog.

Insurance Company - Do I need to even say why I hate them? Inaccurate coding on "covered" expenses. Going to a particular lab for lab tests and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD don't do them in the physicians office or I will have to pay eleventy zillion dollars. Oh that will be covered. No wait, it won't. Why does your doctor's office code it this way? (like I know) We'll send you a new EOB. Disregard the next 3 EOB's that you will see. Call us when you have more questions. Oh by that time you'll have 3 more physician visits that need adjusting again. Thanks for your business.

Jerk Neighborhood Kids - Thanks a lot for stealing my daughter's scooter. Sorry she was so irresponsible to leave it sitting out in our own front yard. That'll teach her. Oh, and tell your mom what a great job she's doing raising you that she never wonders where you get all your "new" toys.

Animal Control - You can expect a call from me tomorrow AGAIN since I'm sure those 6 mangy dirty disgusting dogs will be in our yard once again. Pooping and peeing again. Chewing up our personal property again. Spreading fleas again. Chewing up our trash bags and spreading garbage all over the street again. And each and every time they come I call you. And you tell me you'll send an officer right over. I'm still waiting to meet a single person from your office. By the way I've already contacted our local Fox News Station. I hope they give you some attention that you won't like.

But after I have gotten so frustrated today, with each new mishap piling on me and threatening to suffocate me, I am choosing to be content. I will do my best to be happy. I am not my emotions. I am who God made me to be and I don't think He makes crappy people. So I won't be a crappy person. I will be a role model for my children. I will choose a smile instead of a scowl. I will use a soft voice instead of losing my voice from screaming. I will throw off the bad part of the day and move forward, making today as fun as I can for me and for my children.

See, you won't break me. I am not invincible, but I'm stronger than you. See ya Suckahs - aka AT&T, et. al.


Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

*cue music*

So, you had a bad day...

Yup, customer service keeps becoming more and more distant in the past.

Impatient drivers suck.

Neighbor kids can suck.

I hate all dogs - yes even yours.

Good for you and your attitude about it all. DId you have a beer to help with that. It helps me.


Donna-Michele said...

Awwww... sorry to hear things didn't go well.. glad to hear you didn't let it total your day.

My sis-in-law asks her kids to pray for people who make her carzy while they are out in the car. The other day her 3 year old tapped a lady in the grocery to tell her they had prayed for her in the parking lot, and why!!!LOL, ROF, LSM.

Ahhhh....sooooo, and this toooo. Ok, and step up.

Alcohol doesnt 'help' me.
Prayer and meditation does.
Do whatever works for you.