Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Blogging 201

Okay, more questions...

1. What is twitter? I can't even download ringtones onto my phone so should I consider myself a techno-dud and forget about twitter?

2. What is Technorati?

3. Who is Dooce? Who is the Bloggess? They both seem to be famous in these here parts. Are they like the Brittney Spears of Blogspot?

4. What is Stumble it!? Do I want to stumble anything? Is it for my benefit? Should other people be stumbling me?

As you can tell I am a little bit apprehensive to try something, then see what the result is. I need to know what the expected outcome is. I hated in high school when my chem teacher told us, "Just do the experiment and write down the results." I would say, "Well what can we expect to happen?" and he'd just laugh and say, "You'll know it when you see it." I was like, well that could cover any range of things, like the potion will turn from white to grey or the potion will boil over and give me a chemical burn on my hand or the potion will explode and send shards of glass into my eye. At least if I knew the last one I'd be sure to keep my goggles on.

SSSOOOOO..... Any teachers out there to answer my questions? Non-chem teachers, please.


Bridgett said...

1. I'm too old for twitter.
2. Mike thinks I should be more involved with technorati but I can't care.
3. No clue!
4. Once again, IT husband is fond of stumble upon...and I still don't care.

But I have a good day to have 60 visitors to SCM; 10 to Alphabridge. More tendrils striking out there, the more eyes see your blog!

Donna-Michele said...

Hi, you dont know me, I bounced from someone's link to you... I think it was from someone from Tootsie Farklepants... but couldnt swear it....or maybe it was Pinky? Anyway, I am here, and reading. I am almost 40, so not a 'techie' either.

Twitter is a quick comment thing that some people have on the side of their blogs, you click it and read (like miscelaneous thoughts). I dont know where you get it, or how to set it up.

Stumble is a way to remember where you have been. I do the old fashioned book marks, so haven't used it, reading up, maybe I should?

On the page where you sign in there are tools to look things up. Did you try there?

Finally, you are great, and it is nice that you are learning... we all should stay in learning mode, we are more fun that way! Keep at it kiddo!

Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

Twitter is kind of like a constant text messaging thing. I won't do it because I hear it is more addictive than blogging. You write a quip. You can respond to other people's quips. You can follow other people's quips. etc. Google twitter and you will find it.

I know nothing about Technorati.

Dooce is a mommy blogger pioneer. She makes like, LITERALLY, 10-40K PER MONTH from blogging advertisments. She is like the original mommy blogger. I think the bloggess is in her footsteps. You may eventually read about Dawn at Because I Said So. Same thing. Mommy bloggers who made it big unlike the rest of us SEVERAL TENS OF MILLIONS OF MOMMY BLOGGERS who will always do this for a hobby. When Dooce talks about potty training and uses the f word, people pay her. When we do it, we get snarky comments. You know how it is.

Stumble it. Read Playgroups are No Place for Children. Search on her bloggy school. A few Saturdays ago, she did a special on Stumble. It is a way to generate traffic to your blog and to find out about new blogs. I don't care about either. Well, I guess I do, but I just don't have time.

BTW, Mr. G SUCKED as a high school chem teacher!!! I firmly believe HE had no idea what was about to happen, either. He just wore his goggles to be safe since he didn't know.