Monday, August 18, 2008


Hey have you noticed anything different about my blog layout? Hmmm.... if you didn't, either you have never been here before today, or I am going to suggest some new glasses for you. OR it is entirely possible that (if you are anything like me) you visit so many bleepin blogs every day that you can't remember one from the next. So anyway here's the new format. Me hopey you likey.

I will eat a bit of crow because I said here that I would not be doing any more tweaking on the widgets, site count stuff, etc. Well, lookie what a little bit of whining will get you. I got some fantastic advice and help from Dad - the dude. He got my problems all figured out with Feedburner. I STILL have no idea why I'm using it or what it does, but now I can officially say that it is working correctly. He totally hooked me up!!! Now, I can't say he'll do the same for you, but if you visit his website you can say that the Texan Mama sent ya. No, I still don't know what Technorati is, but I'm a techno-zero so I'm not going to worry about that. And twitter, well, all I can say is that my cell phone service doesn't even have texting on the plan, so why/how/when in the world would I use Twitter? And Stumble Upon, well, don't get me started. I downloaded it (time suck) then set it up (more time suck) then every time I used it I got referred to eleventy zillion sites to visit (time suck supreme). So, even though I could spend all day online learning about new tools and fun widgets and how to make my blog just think for me already, I've just about maxed out the space my brain allows for information about the internet. The remaining brain space is reserved for the sale price of Lay's potato chips and the appropriate dosage of Tylenol for boo-boos and new teeth. Thanks Dad Dude!!

Now, as for my blog layout, I will give you a little secret as to how I found out about new layout pages: I kept clicking the link at the top of my Blogger page that says "next blog-->" until I came to a pretty blog that happened to have a link to her web design page. Oh, even more important was that the blog layout was FREE. I know there are many blog layout places to visit but I used LeeLou Blog Layouts. She has a whole bunch of layouts that are cute and colorful and free! She gives pretty clear directions as to how to put them on your blog, and you know it must be easy-peasy if even *I* can figure it out. Oh, and did I mention that they're FREE? Thanks LeeLou!!!

Finally, you might already read this awesome blog, but Jen at Playgroups Are No Place For Children has had a Blog Tip Sharing Project for the last 11 weeks. She answers all kinds of questions about feeds, sidebars, your community, blog design, Stumble Upon, and more. She's utterly BRILLIANT. I don't think she works in the IT field, but she's just got a ton of experience searching this and clicking that. And, she speaks in easy terms. It was never over my head. Well, almost never. So I just emailed her real quick and she got back to me *every* time and in lightning speed. God bless her! Thanks so much Jen for all your help!!!

So, do you like the new layout? I'm gonna put a little poll on the side, so cast your vote.

And, of course, thanks to all the people who read and give me comments. It is much much much much much appreciated.


dadthedude said...

Your very welcome, glad it's working out! Many thanks for the kudos, that was nice!

Jennifer, Playgroups Are No Place For Children said...

Thanks so much for the shoutout!

Love your profile pic!!


love your blog! great, great name!

Texan Mama @ WhoPutMeInCharge said...

Thanks Rant! Hope to see ya again around the blogging water cooler.

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Love it!!! You know so much more than me on this--seriously!