Tuesday, August 5, 2008

No More Boring Breakfast!

So, we are in that small sub-group of people who have bucked the system and do not subscribe to satellite, direct tv, or cable tv of any type. We use the good ole rabbit ears to get reception. SO I have been reminded 4 times a day, every day, that on February 19. 2009 I will be required to use a digital converter box for my analog televisions.

So, now I have digital tv. I don't really notice any difference except that instead of having fairly good reception on a few channels and just okay reception on a few others, I have just okay reception on some and downright crappy on the others. The digital reception on channels without a strong signal is that very annoying pixely stunted-picture type thing that happens when you have satellite tv and there's a big storm outside or else a big branch is in the way of your dish. You could also compare it to when there's a scratch on your DVD. SO frustrating. I can deal with it for now because we still have analog reception when we turn the converter box's power off, but in just 6 short months it will be all "NO, move the antenna that way. Now hold it. No don't let it go! Turn it that way again! No the OTHER way!!! Now, step away slowly. S-L-O-W-L-Y. Crap, it's not working. Guess we'll have to watch a DVD again."

However, there is one benefit to having the digital tv: we have more channels. Whoopee!!! I now get all the channels I had before, plus three channels that are like The Weather Channel, only with just a single map and no weather anchors. We also get one channel that is a live shot of the tarmac at DFW airport. Have no idea what that one's for. Also we get some additional kids channels - JACKPOT. Now we have qubo. For those who don't know what qubo is, it is basically like PBS but with a few other shows. Like, Lambchop's story theater (you know, Sherry Lewis and Lambchop the puppet?), Thomas the Tugboat, Babar the Elephant, etc. It is all kids, all day. My kids love it! But, it DOES have commercials. My daughter SE really loves qubo. Her new second-favorite thing is something that was introduced to her at commercial break: Pancake Puffs.

I am such a sap. That beautiful girl begged and gave me the puppy-dog eyes and the heavy sigh when I told her, "I'm not buying that from TV. We'll wait until it comes to the store. It might be a while so quit asking." Now, let me tell you that every single morning when I ask her what she wants for breakfast, she tells me "I want pancake puffs. Can we have pancake puffs?" And I say, "No, we don't have that pan yet, remember?" and she says, "oh, yeah." Sulk. Sigh. Shuffle away.

But this morning it was all different. It was all about the Pancake Puffs! I found the pan at Target so I bought it. We tried it out last night and it actually worked pretty good. I would say, it worked just about exactly as it looks on tv and is described in the book. We had plain pancake puffs and some with chocolate chips. Then this morning we had Pancake Puffs with whipped buttercream frosting squirted into the center. Chock full o' nutritious goodness.

Here's one very satisfied customer.

Even the baby can't resist the 'Puffs.

So now I ask myself, Self? What's next? Shall we also purchase the Deluxe Flavor Wave Oven?

I definitely do see the benefits: not heating up the whole kitchen (don't even get me started on how hot it will be today), don't have to defrost one dang thing - just pop it all in there and futuristic food cooker will zap it into a flavorful meal. Great for a busy mom without any defrost settings on the microwave. Oh wait....

Next I will probably try the Tobi Steamer.

Because I really hate to iron and it's just not hot enough outside so I might as well add some humidity to the air, just to mix it up!

And after I'm done sweating the wrinkles out of my clothes, I will try to sweat the fat off my body using Tae-Bo.

I hope Billy Blanks will really give me a workout because I can't understand why I've gained a few pounds. I mean, all I've done differently lately is that I've started eating more Pancake Puffs...


Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

Plus with all that sweating, i would have thought you would have lost a couple pounds.

Don't know Billy. Tae Bo helped me melt the pounds away. Seriously. Plus, it is a total body work out. And he is a believer, so I like that about him.


Jen said...

That is really cool looking, a little scary but not bad. I am glad that your kids like them.
Thanks for the visit the other day.