Thursday, August 28, 2008

Stuff I STILL don't get

1. Okay, on Feb 19, 2007 Britney Spears shaved her head in a Los Angeles hair salon. Now, you may be a subscriber to OK! magazine, or if you're like me you have to nonchalantly flip through the gossip rags at the checkout line and cluck your tongue, pretending to have disdain for such trash while secretly you're finding out who's pregnant and who has just gotten fatter. So, if you saw OK! magazine from August 13, 2008 you saw Briney Spears on the cover with her 2 sons. It was the first interview she has given in 2 years.

Okay, so, let's review: Feb '07 - Bald. Aug '08, a mere 18 months later - long blond tresses. Now, I know celebs get weaves. I know hair grows. But what's up with that? Her hair does not look like a wig. It does not look like a weave. Even if it is a weave, there has to be SOME of her natural hair in there somewhere. Where is it?

2. Vacuumed out my car today. The switch is one of those that has the 0 and the on it. I have never understood the mentality of this one. Which one is "on"? The circle or the line? And, why does THAT symbol represent "on"? Wouldn't it make more sense to have, like, 0 and the null sign? Or, a plus and a minus? Or a smiley face and a sad face? Or what about a lightning bolt and.... what's opposite of a lightning bolt?


Bridgett said...

Maybe a little sad cloud?

Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

Brittney's hair bugs me, too.

I think that o and - have something to do with electrical symbols for power or no power. Yes, this is coming from someone that took two electrical engineering classes in college, and I don't know which is power on or power off.


Karly said...

I can never figure out if the O is for on or the line is. Seriously, would it kill them to just write ON and OFF? Gah!

And I think her real hair is there, she just has extensions. Maybe? I dunno.

Anonymous said...

I go out of my way to avoid all things Brittney, Paris, Jen, Brad, etc.
I'm proud of my ignorance on these things. ;-)

However, the buttons in the car?
I just punch and push things till something good happens.

Pan said...


I've just recently stumbled across your blog and I'm randomly sifting through various posts, so sorry to be commenting on something so old!

I believe that the O and | represent 'off' and 'on' respectively. This is to do with the binary system (where things are either on or off, yes or no). Binary functions with the values of 0 (meaning off, nothing, etc) and 1 (meaning on, functioning, active etc). It's a universal language which is why I presume they use it in electrical appliances.

Sorry to go all geeky on you! :P