Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Supporting the Little Guy

I have always rooted for the underdog. Even as a kid, when we went to a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game my dad offered to buy me a souvenir. So I got... a San Diego Padre's cap. I have no idea why, but I'm guessing it was because I felt bad that they didn't have as many fans in the stands as the Cardinals did. No matter that I got a beat-down (10-year-old style) from my brother later that day. He was a Cardinals fan.

When I got on Blogger, I was pretty amazed at what I saw. So many of you have such awesome layouts and pretty sites and cool pictures. I have no idea how to do half the stuff I see on those blog sites. I tried to get into the (what I call) "pimping out" of the blog page. I want to have a pretty blog! But figuring it all out is truly a time-suck. And to be honest I am tired of seeing my husbands eyes roll around and hear him say, "My God! You're on the computer AGAIN???" I am also tired of realizing it is 5:05pm and my husband will be home in 10 minutes and Oh Shit what are we going to have for dinner???

So, I've decided to simplify. I am sticking to what's on my blog and not pimping it out anymore. I am not going to try to figure out the whole audio clip thing. Or what in the hell technorati is. As it is I spent about 2 hours on Feedburner today. I did a bunch of stuff with it but I still have NO IDEA WHAT IT IS OR WHY I AM USING IT.

One thing that came with my Feedburner usage is the Feedburner counter. Do you see the sad little thing on the left hand side of the blog, waaaaayyyyy at the bottom? Did ya find it? Do you see the number? Last time I checked it was zero.

So, I'm all... (tap tap tap) Testing... Testing... one, two, three. Is this thing on? Is anyone out there? I can hear ya breathing.

Yes I know there are some people out there because I get a handful of comments when I post. I am guessing a lot of these people come to my blog from when I post comments on their blogs. That's cool. That's the way it works in Blogville, USA (or Canada, eh?) But I admit I'm shocked when someone comments on my blog if they have a high subscription number. When I read something I like, and I make a comment, I admit I get a little letdown when I see that my comment is like #47. I think, GEESH does this person even read all of her/his comments? How could they? There are so many!!! I want my comment to count for something! I'm thrilled if I get more than 3 comments on a page. So, in the same way, I will comment at the end of a HUGE comment section if I really want to, but when I read a blog of a friend that I know just has a few readers, I almost ALWAYS post a comment. I know they'll appreciate it. I think they'll appreciate it more, even, because they don't get comments as often or as many.

So, if Dooce is like the WalMart of blogs, then I guess that would make me the equivalent of a lemonade stand at the intersection of a country road and a walking path. I don't get the readership that some do and I know how good it feels to have someone read and validate my writing. If I had a blog with 30, 40, or 50 comments every day I would feel very validated no matter if the comments were positive or not. That's a lot of readers. But I want to try to stick with the little guy/gal and give him/her my business. I'll probably still stop by the WalMarts and the Targets of blogs, and comments? Maybe. But the little mom-and-pop blogs will forever have my devotion - and my subscription.


Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

I love every single comment too :)
I am really pretty clueless on blog stuff--it's pretty bad seeing I have been doing this now since Christmas. Maybe I'll get free time when school starts...ha!

dadthedude said...

I appreciate every comment I get for sure. Especially considering 90% of them are from some chick named Texan Mama ;)

I'd even like a few of your snarky comments. That would make my day go much better actually.

BTW - I don't have a clue what the hell Technorati is and I've never stumbled anything...

Bridgett said...

Ok, I'm going to suggest another pimping (pimpage? I hate those words...). Blogpatrol is what I use for a counter--it counts every single hit and tracks loosely where they come from, what pages they visited, etc.

It makes me feel better because although I average 3 comments per post, I average 50 hits per day on blogpatrol. So I know people at least show up.

On one of my blogs, most of my readers are in very different time zones, so every morning, I run over to the computer to see if any of the aussies or kiwis commented. I'm a dork.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what Technorati is, I do not subscribe to google reader, and I don't know what twitter is...but I do twitter my thumbs sometimes.

Worry not. You mustn't know these things. You are awesome just as you are. And yes, the little guy rocks. I know because I am one.

Robin said...

I am also intimidated when I see someone has over one hundred comments. I mean who am I? Could I ever be witty enough to stand out in that. ;)

So what high school did you go too?

Amy said...

Hello! Just stopping in, wanting to thank you for stopping by my blog that was featured on SITS today. Love your blog design, I am a big stars fan!
Hope you are having a great weekend:)

Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

I am right there with ya. I find that when I pimp myself out and comment galore around blogworld, I neglect my life at home. When I flip flop the time, I get about half the readers and half the comments. I have to remind myself constantly that this is a hobby, ya know?


Carrie Thompson said...

This is hilarious! I am proud to be the owner of a mom and pop store! I mean that is how the great country got started right! The LIttle man!

anyway, I like you blog and feel you pain of being unsavy with the whole techno pimping process. IT's a bunch of mumbo jumbo to me, I was proud of myself when I learned to post pic and MOVE THEM AROUND. That took a while!

But that's okay, I am happy with who I am!