Thursday, August 21, 2008

Way-Too-Truthful Graphic Tees for Kids

I hope I am not breaking any copyright laws by showing this. I saw this very funny clip in the newspaper from Sunday. I am NOT in any way claiming it as my own, and please don't send me any money for showing you this funny comic. Not that you would anyway, but in case someone's lawyers come a-callin, I want it in writing. It is written by Terri Libenson, distributed by King Features Syndicate. It is from the Pajama Diaries. There, that oughta keep me out of hot water.

Way-Too-Truthful Graphic Tees for Kids


Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

Those are good. I don't care for those graphic tees. I won't get those "Here comes trouble." "Drama Queen" etc. shirts for my kids. I don't wanna label my kids. What do you think about those?


Texan Mama @ WhoPutMeInCharge said...

hmm I don't know. I usually don't get shirts like that for my kids. Probably because they usually say stuff I consider obnoxious (sorry to those I offend) like...
"I get my way... just ask my daddy"
"Spoiled Rotten"
I don't mind the ones that say stuff like "I'm the big brother" or the graphic tees for Lego or Old Navy or whatever. But Charlie Brown has one that says "Chance of Video Games today... 100%" I guess I caved on that. But to see his face light up was worth it.

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Very funny :)
The worst I ever saw "Future Trophy Wife"--there's a goal but I think she wants to be like her mommy--yeah, I went there.....
I HATE the ones that put down a sibling or opposite sex (a pet peeve of mine) 'my brother smells' or 'boys are gross' or 'my sister is a brat'.
My sons have the Junk Food ones--Mr.Perfect and Mr.Strong because they are :)
(I noticed you 'named' your boy Charlie Brown--my Dino loves Charlie Brown--he was Charlie for 1/2 of Halloween--the other half he was Michael Buble hence the name Dino :0 )

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I like em!