Monday, September 15, 2008

Baby Got Back

Here's a collection of women I love because:
1) they are great at what they do, and
2) they don't apologize for their bodies.

Really, why should they? What does body shape have to do with your job description unless you're a model or personal trainer? In today's media world, everyone is cutting carbs and doing pilates and going on the Zone diet or South Beach diet or whatever diet Jennifer Aniston is doing. But the last time I was at Old Navy, the size 2 jeans never sold out before the size 12. So, these beautiful women have my respect and I love me some strong beautiful ladies...

First up, the modern-day Mary Poppins: Supernanny herself, Jo Frost. "Jo-Jo", as she is called by her young misbehaving charges, is so much fun to watch in action. She really knows her stuff. While I must say that she is a bit too organized for our family, I think she does a terrific job at straightening out the delinquents of tomorrow. And why is it that a British Accent always makes a person seem more sophisticated? Well, at least to us Yanks it does, anyway.

Next up, the bubby, beautiful, and brilliant chef Rachael Ray. She can cook up a meal in 30 minutes flat and still her kitchen looks way cleaner than mine does after just making mac-n-cheese. But not only does she cook, and have her own cooking show, she has a daytime talk show, and a magazine, and numerous books. Oh, and she does charity work too. She is perky. She is a genuinely nice person. And she doesn't mind laughing at herself every once in a while. I want her to be my new best friend!

Okay, now do I even really need to say who this is a picture of? If you don't know, then please put your teeth back in your mouth and pick up your banjo and move out of the United States of America. Because please, people, there may be an election coming up in November but we all know who runs the country.

This foxy chick, Sara Ramirez, plays Dr. Callie Torres in Grey's Anatomy on ABC. She actually won the role after execs from ABC saw her in the stage production of Monty Python's "Spamalot", and offered her a place on any ABC show. She chose Grey's Anatomy because, of course she was a fan. We're YOUR fan, Sara!

Oh no you di-int just call her fat!!! Tyra Banks is a money-making machine. She was a top model for Victoria's Secret, besides being on the covers of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition (1997) and Harper's Bazaar. She has her own daytime talk show. And have you heard of a little weekly segment she does called America's Next Top Model? Dare I say it's more popular than Survivor? Yeah, she's a model and supposed to be thin. But if 163 lbs is fat, especially for a 5'10" woman, then I don't mind being fat.

Remember the cute little Olivia from the later years of The Cosby Show? Well, cute little Olivia grew up to be big beautiful Raven Simone on That's So Raven on Disney Channel. She plays a teenager who has psychic powers. I love that she is a teenager but she doesn't look emaciated or unhealthy. She is providing an image of a teenage girl who is fun, happy, confident, and sweet but isn't trying to squeeze into an itty bitty wardrobe. Her show is geared at exactly the audience that needs to see someone like her. I only wish there were more teen role models like her.

America Ferrera won our hearts with her role in the movie version of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Then, she was snapped up by ABC to play the lead role in Ugly Betty. Actually, I am amazed at how they are able to get her to look less amazing than her normal self. And she showed her maturity when she told In Touch Weekly about her body image: "For me, it's not about looking like a supermodel - it's about feeling good about who I am naturally."

And, last but certainly not least: the queen. Queen Latifah, that is. This woman has been on the music scene for almost 20 years, starting out back in the days of Yo! MTV Raps (does anyone remember that? I do!) She has moved on to acting, including being an Academy Award nominee for her role in Chicago. And, of course, Cover Girl cosmetics recognizes her beauty and uses her as one of their national spokesmodels. If that's not validation for women with a few curves, then I don't know what is.

Other notables:
  • Jennifer Hudson (American Idol, DreamGirls Academy Award winner)
  • Kathy Bates (Misery, Fried Green Tomatoes, she even did a nude scene in About Schmidt)
  • First Lady Barbara Bush (Okay, I know she's not really in the media, but for 4 years she certainly was under the media microscope)
  • Melissa McCarthy from Gilmore Girls, who plays Dragonfly Inn Chef Sookie St. James
Now, I don't want this post to be anti-skinny-people. I mean, if you're naturally a size 2, well then, great for you. But please don't go shopping with me for a bathing suit and you better NEVER even suggest that you have a muffin top. Anyway... I only put this list together to bring to light all the awesome women who are not only accepted in today's media spotlight, but even celebrated. These women prove that beauty comes in all sizes, and that success does not come at the expense of dessert.


Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

Yes. Good list of some admirable people. However, I can't stand Oprah.


Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

I think as long as they look healthy, it's all good. Tyra and Rachel look healthy. Jo and Raven don't but that is just my thoughts. Some people naturally carry more weight and I like your list showing many who do it well!

Baby Favorite said...

I love that these people aren't stick thin! They have curves--REAL bodies. Makes them that much more appealing to me.

BTW, back off. Rachael is MY BFF. She just doesn't know it.

Texan Mama @ Who Put Me In Charge said...

Angie - yes, I can see that Oprah has crossed the line for some people. I still like her but I admit that I don't watch her that much because the kiddos usually are in control of the remote from 4-5 pm.

Lisa - Yeah some look healthier than others. I am a big believer in, if you are eating healthy and exercising, then you are treating your body well. I mean, look at people who are size 4 but smoke and live on diet coke. So, in my opinion, size isn't always a good determination of how healthy a person is. But only they would know that. To the outside they may look really healthy, but inside they're rotting.

Baby - nuh-uh. I already called Rachael as my BFF.

binks said...

NICE!! I only call myself fat because I am not healthy and rarely excercise. I think women with a little junk in the trunk are far more attractive then those skinny waifish things that look like they may break in a strong wind. But I may not be objective.

As for Ms Rachel - girls stop fighting, I think she is WAY too busy to have a BFF. ;)

Jen said...

those are some great women. I agree with you. And tag! meme away. :)

Cindy said...


Texan Mama @ Who Put Me In Charge said...

Thanks for visitng, Cindy. Did you see "About Schmidt"? She's an awesome actress, but the nude scene was, well, a bit disturbing. Much like seeing my mom or something.

The Nice One said...

Great list. The Big O...though. I mean, I think she does some important things, and she points out things to people who may only get their news and information from daytime TV. But...she's smug and it bugs me.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE America Ferrara.

Anna See said...

Love the Nanny! I want her to come to my house, but I DO NOT want my family's antics televised. :)

BITR Country Girl said...

Visiting from SITS! Love this post....Great list of leading ladies! Kathy Bates is one of my favorites!