Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What Drives Me Nuts

Y'all know I am a big fan of the mom-and-pop blogs. And, as y'all are probably like me, you love to get comments in your section.

I like to read entertaining posts. But when I read a post of a person who has a HUGE readership, and I leave a comment, and I repeat the process like a dozen times, and the person NEVER gives me one dang comment in return? Or even any type of validation that they have visited my website or know who the hell I am? Not even a return e-mail on my comment, saying "thanks for visiting me"? That pisses me off.

And I'm not talking about people like Dooce. Or even Dad Gone Mad. Their readership is too big to even talk about. I'm referring to people who have readership less than 200.

I'm just sayin to anyone reading who thinks their sh** doesn't stink - You once were a beginning blogger too. When you see a new address keep popping up in your comment section over and over again, it would behoove you to visit their blog. Even if it's only one time.

I think I might start a challenge, like "Only Visit Blogs with Less than 100 Readers" Challenge. Try it for a week, and see what those big-time bloggers think.

Okay. Rant over. Have a nice day.


Bridgett said...

Agreed. There are several I just don't go back to--smaller blogs but bigger than mine, who never talk back to me. Especially when there are a few, about very specific topics, with huge readerships in comparison to mine, that do write back.

Jen said...

I know what you mean. It can be frustrating but on the other hand...

I just want to say Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your comment was the best. I loved all your suggestion for what to do to get through all the rough patches. Those are some good ideas that you had. I especially like the one about hugging them. Thanks. I just can't say it enough.
I think that this is one reason why blogging is so cool. You can vent all your frustrations get support from people who know what you are going through and maybe are going through it again.

The Nice One said...

Yep. Been there. Done that.
I'd fit into your small-person-blogger category.
BTW...I don't get any awesome gifts. Probably proof of his hetero-ness. I Get vacuums and blenders for gifts.

Bridge said...

You could give prizes LOL!
I know, there are many blogs I read and never get any feedback back from them. Keep it up, they will come.

Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...

I think this is a busy time for lots of people. I notice fewer comments and fewer postings all over the place. or maybe just me.


Sidney said...

Right there with ya!

I love your blog, by the way....

ReformingGeek said...

I just started mine and I blame my new addiction solely on DTD....just kidding but he pointed me your way so I wanted to leave a comment saying that I like your blog. It's very entertaining and it's fun to hear some kid stories. Thank you for not talking about your kids every time and for not including numerous pictures of them in each post!

Some days I'm lucky if I read my favorites much less make comments.

Keep on typing!

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Couldn't agree more, there are some out there who just don't seem to appreciate what they have, or bribe readers with huge prizes us mere mortals can't afford to offer. One in particular comes to mind here, who appears to be married to a multi-millionaire, has perfect kids and is always offering $500 vouchers!

Personally I prefer the small group of bloggy friends I have made who keep coming abck and all reciprocate.

Nice blog, found you via SITS - I will be back and will comment :-)

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Hey just one tip though - when I turned off comment moderation, they increased!

3 Peanuts said...

I try not to take offense to it. I don't blog for comments...they are nice but I don't get upset if I don't get a lot. I get about 1,000 hits but many days under 20 comments. i try to visit those that visit me but with 3 kids, a dog, and a hubby...there really is not time. i thin people REALLY appreciate thoughtful comments but it is simply a matter of time.

Also, obviously some people blog to make money (I do not at all). I always wonder about their intent.

dadthedude said...

I'd agree with the busy part. Seems like the "busy" times of the year are expanding.

Every comment I get is pretty cool and I certainly try to respond or return the favor when possible (sometimes I can't find their site...). I'm not sure where the point is when your too "big".

I'd also agree with brit gal - try turning off the moderation for a bit and see if that helps.

binks said...

Why is it when I'm thinking of writing a blog, I happen upon the very thing I was thinking? Weird.
I'm with you. I'm going to seek out those small guys and promote them.
Just found yours and will be back to read more.

MeadowLark said...

I don't really mind too much when they don't respond (since I have like 6 readers, I fall into the smaller than small category!) except when I ask a specific question and they ignore me.

HELLO!!!!! you were talking about something and then I responded with a question, and NOTHING!!!

And I shamelessly bribed people last week. I gave away mustard. And honestly, it didn't affect who visited (family is a good thing I think) but it was fun to let someone else try my mustard!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Amen sister Amen! when i first started and found those blogs you are talking about I thought 'they must be good if they have so many people commenting'...what I found out is that some of them where GOOD...but a lot of them were not...but they must have been like me sometime and did their work of commenting all the time...then got tired of it!

That's my take on it...I try and make sure to always comment on someone I don't know...but not a "Thanks for visiting my blog comment"...but I actually read a couple of posts to see if I like them...then I like to comment on what they have posted! :)

Who knows...maybe someday I will get tired of it also...but I'd like to hope that that won't be the case!

Came over from BINKS' site...she is one funny lady! :)