Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Fellow Texan Weighs In

Hi again from Ft. Myers! I'm still here and I haven't gotten any 3rd degree burns (yet) from lying on the beach. If I escape this vacation without looking like a lobster, it will be the first time in 3 trips. You'd think I'd have learned the whole don't-count-on-SPF-8-in-Florida thing. But, alas, I can hardly wait to build a tan up gradually. I need a tan. right. now. Even if it means that I have a terrible sunburn that gradually fades into a tan. Ah, well.

Speaking of things we can hardly wait for, I know you are all just ripe with anticipation to meet today's guest blogger. I'm so happy to introduce you to Carrie from The Story Of My World. I can't remember if I met Carrie through Blog Around the World or The Secret Is In The Sauce, but either way we are in the elite class of Texan bloggers. Oh and now we're also both on Blogging Across Texas. If you're a blogger from Texas and you want da hook-up, just tell Carrie or myself and we'll invite ya to the par-tay! So, what can I say about Carrie that she isn't going to say about herself? Umm, not much. Read on and you'll get to know her... and like her!

Well, I have been asked to guest post! Very exciting! I feel honored but yet unworthy at the same time! I mean what if Texan Mama's readers dont like me! and I mean its not MY blog so can I still say anything I want to??? What are the rules? What are the expectations? Does freedom of speech exist if you are posting on another persons blog??? So if I have to be careful what I post about I will have to leave out...
birth control
moral issues in general (some being more important than otheres)
home schooling
child rearing
the war on terror
the environment
I am sure there are other political faux pas! What is there left to blog about? My diet??? Well I vowed to only speak of it on Fitness Fridays (to learn more about Fitness Fridays go to see Brenda at the Family Revised! My children??? No that is out because I disciplined my five year old yesterday during homeschooling and had to speak to my 9 year old about a moral issue that came up during the day? So how about my wonderful no yesterday he fowarded me an email on politics and this morning I had a "discussion" with him about our bank account!!! How about us working in the back yard the other day, we pruned back the bushes and cleaned the pool...wait isnt that the environment? Well I have exciting news... I am going to a concert with my daughter! her first concert....wait it's Amy Grant so that is religion!

What's a girl to blog about....
Forget the faux pas, I am just going for it! I am voting for McCain and pray to God he wins. I have money although never enough and dont get me started on AIG or those selfish CEO's or congress passing the stupid bill that "helped" our economic crisis??? I have been struggling with the birth control issue for weeks now and have come to no complete feeling of truth for myself! Although I am absolutely still using it!!(tmi!) Ummm moral issues. Parents should discipline their own children but when they dont other parents should step in and not be YELLED at. Abortion is wrong. Spanking (the right way) is right! Home schooling rocks although it is defintely not for everyone! and Yes I am qualified enough to teach my children. I mean I learnt all i cud in skull didn i? um war on terror??? Go Troops!!!!!!!!!!!!! The environment...I dont know what we are all so worried about Al Gore has it all under control and hey I'm green! I have the bags from Walmart!
So did I cover all the faux pas? Did I miss any??? Um I dont believe in Santa Claus and neither do my kids! AKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. I am just that kindof person!
So this post is pretty sassy! But really I am not a sassy person! but I think you all learned more about me as a person in one post than my readers have learned in months!


E said...

Okay so I am praying that McCain will lose. Whatever is God to do with all these prayers of ours?
I loved this blog. I think you would be great to have la long leisurely lunch wirh...we have about a 50/50 split on agreement disagreement, but I just bet you that we are not that far apart on the core values....we just see the solutions differently....

Christine said...

Welcome Back!

Did I scare you?
You have been Boo'd come pick up your widget from my blog!
Happy Halloween
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Kathy said...

There is nothing like a Texan Gal! She says stuff when she is even trying not to! I belly laughed on this post!