Monday, October 27, 2008

Gettin Scary Just Before Halloween

Greetings from Ft. Myers!

I think it is only appropriate that my guest poster for today is Scary Mommy. It is appropriate because Halloween is almost upon us, and who doesn't like to be scared at Halloween. Really, though, she isn't scary. She's a hoot! And feisty! And man, she's got opinions! But I do too... that's what we like about each other. We like to agree to disagree and still remain buds.

So, sit back and enjoy this post, while I am going to sit back in my beach chair and enjoy a virgin margarita.

I love babies-- I love their newborn smell, their tiny feet, their little fingernails and soft cheeks. A few quick months later, I adore their toothless grins and giggles, their fat rolls and and timid first steps. I don't even mind the sleepless nights and constant feedings, it's totally worth it. Babies are just the sweetest, most delicious little creatures on earth. So, congratulations, Texan Mama, on your impending arrival, it's all just so exciting and wonderful.

OK, it's not all so wonderful. There are a few downsides, which I remind myself of every time I get bitten by the baby bug. Everybody talks about the aches and pains of pregnancy, and as unpleasant as those things are, they do end after nine months. What about the lasting impressions our offspring make on us? Shouldn't our babies be kind enough to put things back as they found them? Is it too much to ask for some common courtesy? I expected to have a tough time with the baby weight, when you gain and lose 60 pounds three times, that's the price you pay. The stretch marks across the belly were no surprise either, and I was prepared for the slight redistribution of said weight. It's everything else that pisses me off.

Before I had my babies, my hair naturally formed perfect ringlets. Sure, there were days I longed for straight, glossy hair, but my curls were a part of me. Now, my hair is an unfortunate mix of curly and straight with a lovely layer of frizz on top. There is also a new patch of gray, prominently placed above my right eyebrow, which seems totally resistant to coloring. My feet now comfortably fill out a size eight shoe, with all of my cute, pricey and barely worn size sevens lining the shelves at Goodwill. My skin is dryer than it ever was, my nails are brittle and my completion is totally unpredictable. And, let's not even talk about the bladder control issue. Thanks, kids.

So, my message to you, Texan Mama, is to appreciate what you have now-- you never know what that future child of yours will go messing up. But, it will all be worth it, of course. And maybe, just maybe, you'll have a reason to get some new shoes.


Donna-Michele said...

Ok, I don't know what time Scary Mommy gets up, but I read this Monday Oct 27 posty at 543 am, so I am book marking her just on that basis, she must be hard core, and I wanna learn how to do this right so that when I start my blog, if I ever do, I get it right.
As far as the actual post, I am with you there. I only carried my daughter 22 weeks and 5 days. She passed away just 2 hours after she was born, so I never nursed or did 2 am feedings. And I am still, 6 months later, finding unpleasant new things about my body. I so can't imagine what an 8 lb, full term baby would have been like if a 1 lb premie did all this to me! Seems unfair to have that and the grief that never ceases. But you know, I would take it and more to have a healthy child to raise.

Dorsey said...

I'm liking the positive spin on it with an excuse to go shoe shopping. Great post! (and I'm kinda glad both hubby and I have been retired from our baby-makin' days. I'm just not up for the bad stuff anymore.

Hippie Family... said...

long bloggin story on how I even got here but it's so funny that your from St.L... that's where I am freezing my butt off right now!!
have a good one, I'll be back to check out more :D

Jen said...

Great guest post, too funny.

E said...

I am 46 and I still get baby fever all the time. N ow I am beginning to let it go and to think there will be grandbabies...not yet, it is still way too soon, but eventually.
Meanwhile I must not smell the backs of their necks...step away from the baby...

Carrie Thompson said...

Oh for me it is baby hands! I love them and like E said I must step away! I will tell you though whenever I start thinking that way- the maybe another one???? I remember all the stuff! and dont really want to do it again!

But than I do.

Than I dont.

Than I do.

and the circle goes on!

Great guest poster!

Ann said...

Oh boy!
So much for you to look forward to! Scary Mommy got it right.
(Let's not forget the little belly bulge! It takes twice as much effort to get that belly back where it should be. Ugh!)
Doesn't matter though. It's all worth it.

Bridgett said...

It is all worth it. Even when you realize you haven't had a full night's sleep in 7 years.