Sunday, October 19, 2008

Help a Bloggin' Sister out

This will be short and sweet:

I love to get comments. I mean, I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I also love to respond back to you. DO you like to get replies to your comments? I know I do. It's almost as good as when you get the initial comments. So much comment luv. It's great.

What's not so great is when a person leaves a comment, and I see it in my e-mail inbox (because I receive a notification whenever a new comment comes in, so that I don't have to keep checking back on the original post), and I can't reply to that person because they have not put an e-mail address in their profile identity.

I have only found this to happen with Blogger profiles. If a person has a self-hosted website or Wordpress blog, the comment form requires folks to leave a name and an e-mail address. However, I have a Blogger blog and Blogger does not require the e-mail address. Hence, I can't share the comment luv with y'all because I can't e-mail ya back!

Plus, I think it would help when a person is considering leaving a snarky comment. They would have to think twice about, "hmm, do I really want to say that and attach my name to that?" In all truth, it is the only way a person should leave a comment. Any comment with no identity attached is really not worth squat. If a person can't own their own comments and opinions, I'd like to know what they ARE proud of?

So, c'mon everybody. Share the comment luv. Get your e-mail address in the profile identity! You'll love how many people start luvin' ya right back.


Mandy said...

Comments rock. :)

dddiva said...

Do you have it set so no one can comment anonymously?
Just one of the features (they can just use their blogger acct, but you can usually see their blog even if their email is private).
I <3 comments too, even if I am slow getting back to answer... eventually I make it. :)

jill jill bo bill said...

I am not sure whether mine has an email attached or not, but it is on my profile. Does that count? I am so glad to meet you! A fellow Texan AND a preacher's wife.(I am an ex-wife)yeah, Looooooong story! So glad I found you!

Eternal Sunshine said...

THis is my biggest heartache as a Blogger blogger...

I LOVE replying to my comments via email (cause otherwise i forget to go leave comments on the commenters site.)

Yours is the second or third post I've seen on this subject lately - glad I'm not the only one.

La Pixie said...

gotta love comments!!

I have my email addess on my profile... but the email that I used for Blogger has my complete name... so I dont have it sent up to be visible.

lapixie [dot] dusted [at] gmail [dot] com

Carrie Thompson said...

I am commenting on your comment post! Feel the luv!

Carrie Thompson said...

Okay, Here is a new and improved comment!

Anonymous said...

Here's some more blogging crack to feed your addiction. ;-)

Eudea-Mamia said...

Seriously, you get snarky comments? WTH - move on people, move on.

Well, I love you!