Friday, November 14, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Babes, part 2

Back on Monday November 3, on the way to school, my 7-year-old Charlie Brown tells me, "Mom I heard that if Barack Obama gets President, he will make there be no more taxes and everything will be free."

Texan Mama: No, things won't be free. That's not what he is going to do with taxes.

Charlie Brown: Well, don't you want your stuff to be free?

TM: Yes, but that's not his plan. His plan is to lower taxes. He's a good man, and so is John McCain. They are both very concerned about doing what is right for the American People. They both love America and want to do a good job. They just have different thoughts about how the decisions should be made for America.

CB: So, does John McCain NOT want us to have free stuff?

TM: Here's how the two men are different when it comes to taxes. Now, Linus, you get allowance, right?

CB: Yes.

TM: And you have to give 10% to the offering plate and 10% to your savings bank, right?

CB: Yes, mom.

TM: Well, how about if I decide, for the next 4 years, to give you more allowance?


TM: Oh, but you are going to have to give MORE than 10% in offering and MORE than 10% to savings.

CB: No, I don't like that.

TM: Okay, how about if I keep the giving amount to 10% for offering and 10% for savings, but you aren't going to get any extra allowance for the next 4 years.

CB: No, I don't like that either.

TM: See, that's how it works. Sometimes one idea has good parts and bad parts. And the other idea has good parts and bad parts too. You just have to pick the idea that YOU most agree with. That's why voting is so great. WE get to decide the decision we want. Not the grown-ups who run the country, but US. (I neglected to tell him that some decisions are out of our control. Baby steps, ya know.)

They all seemed to understand this explanation. Now, I know that my 7-year-old version of the tax plans aren't a perfect explanation for both Obama's and McCain's platforms. But it came pretty close, and they understood it, and that's what I was aiming for.

And, weeks back, when Peppermint Patty was asking what the differences were between Barack Obama and John McCain, I decided to just pick one point and share it: Obama is openly a believer in evolution, and John McCain believes the Creation theory. "We are Christians, and we believe the bible to be entirely true. In other words, God created the world in 6 days and on the 7th day He rested. John McCain believes that too. But Barack Obama believes in evolution. Evolutionists believe that people weren't created by God. They believe that we only became people over a time of millions of years..."

Peppermint Patty: "But Mom, the world isn't that old."

TM: "yes, I know honey, but that's what Obama believes. Anyway, evolutionists believe that we began as teeny tiny organisms, like tiny dots in the water. Over time, those dots grew bigger, into things like bugs, then fish, then animals that came onto the land, and much later they eventually became humans."

PP: "That's really what he thinks?"

TM: "Well, that's what evolutionists believe, and he claims to believe evolution. So, I guess he's saying that yeah, that's what he thinks."

So now, Peppermint Patty has been going around to all her friends at school for the last 3 weeks telling them that her mom told her all about Barack Obama and how he thinks we evolved from bugs.



Noah's Mommy said...

I like how you tried to explain it to them....I'm sure it is extremely difficult when it comes to politics..heck it's difficult for me...and I'm an adult....

April said...

That was a lot better (and nicer) than when I explained it to my 10 year old.

Anonymous said...

You are great about explaining things!! Because that is a very complicated subject. Heck, I think I might even understand better :) hehe! Good job!! And hey, Peppermint Patty is telling the truth, it just sounds funny to say :)

Carrie Thompson said...

I just read both of the out of the mouths of babes. Very fun and great talks with your kiddoes! Someone sent me an email and it said they were at a restaraunt and a homeless person was outside. then they went into the restrauant and the waiter had an obama tie on so they decided to put his tax issues to the test. the costomer got to the end of his meal and the waiter had done a really good job. But he told the waiter in honor of our dully elected president I am going to put into practice his dispersal of the wealth. So he told the waiter I am going to take the tip money that you just worked real hard for and I have decided to give it to someone more in need... the home less person ourtside. The waiter was really mad. But the homeless person was really happy!

makes ya think huh?

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Oh we do the 3-piggy-bank 80/10/10 with our kids too :)

I explained one plan via grades--everyone has to share their grades so everyone gets a C--no matter how well or how bad you did. (And the response--why study; my answer--exactly.)
The other plan kept changing so I could never really get it myself ;)
But all Miley is concerned about is Mrs.Obama is giving the 'bump' to proper women from other countries--she's a future Emily Post ;)

OHmommy said...

I love when I can take an adult topic and describe it in a childish way. You did good momma. High five.

Who am I? said...

Love your blog!