Sunday, December 28, 2008

THIS Obama Cracks Me Up

NPR, you never fail to rise to the challenge.

Just when I need something to blog about, all I need to do is click onto our local NPR station, and voila! A story is born.

There is a lady, named Susie Obama, who shares her last name with our President-Elect. They are not related, but that doesn't stop people from contacting her, expecting her to have a very famous husband.

And college student, Denise Obama, has people asking her when she'll take them on a tour of the White House, simply because of her last name.

You just have to listen to this stream from NPR to hear the story. (Click on Listen Now)It is so funny! (especially Susie. She cracks me up!)

True, our next president doesn't have a name as common as Smith, Washington, Gonzalez, or Nguyen. I guess these few folks with the famous last name will have to deal with the popularity, at least for 4 more years.


Text Imps said...

Well hey, at least they're not trying to sue him like the "Maverick" people.

Eudea-Mamia said...

Oh you're a glass-half full kind of chick ;-)

I'm thinking all those Obamas are going to have to deal with it for the full 8.

Check out - they're got a great article about how the President-elect is already getting a little disenchanted with the lack of privacy.

I bet George is having a big ole guffaw...

Text Imps said...

Perhaps there was no lawsuit involved with the whole Maverick thing but... I did manage to find the video that I saw a few months ago that I was referencing.

Bridgett said...

Growing up, my dad lived across the street from a Kennedy family. 8 kids, Irish working class. No known relation. Lots of "I'm so sorry" comments when Kennedy was shot, as if they were cousins.

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Heehee :)

Mike has the same name as a newscaster that started in Dallas. They always thought it was him when we had reservations at nice Dallas hot spots so good tables :)

Now he's national so we don't get the attention.

The Blonde Duck said...

Luckily, I have such a Texas German last name no one can understand nor spell it (thanks, hubby!) Saying hi from SITS!

Jules from "The Roost" said...

Just found your blog through "verybusymomwith4". I agree with you NPR is always good blog material! LOL Happy New Year!

MindyLew said...

I grew up with a very common last name and everyone always had to "go through the list" of the people they knew with the same last name. It's funny I don't remember actually knowing any of them either.

Texan Mama @ Who Put Me In Charge said...

Well Blonde Duck, Hi to you too! Thanks for jumping over from SITS. And my maiden name was German too. Very short, but no one ever knew how to pronounce it either!

Mindy Lew, you're too cute!

AngiDe- Nana's Box said...

That's crazy! What crazy nutty people! =)

"Nana's Box"