Saturday, January 31, 2009


You know what I hate? Well, I'm about to tell you.

I HATE IT when I go to the gas station to get gas; and when I'm filling up my tank by using the gas pump handle-holder-clip-thingamabob, I get out the window squeegie to wipe my windows. Only the reservoir isn't filled with window washing fluid; instead it's filled with plain old water. And the water isn't even clean - it's all dirty and disgusting and kinda defeats the purpose of washing my windows in the first place. And, what's even better is when it's like 19 degrees outside, like it was in Missouri/Illinois last week, and the reservoir of dirty window-washing-but-not-really water is frozen into a solid brick. So I can't even slosh some nasty water on my window as a pathetic attempt to rinse off the snow/slush/salt/gravel from my windshield. I want to scream at the miserly gas station owners, ARE YOU THAT CHEAP??? YOU CAN'T EVEN SPEND THE MEAGER $2 ON A GALLON OF WINDOW WASHING FLUID FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS WHO ARE PRETTY MUCH A SURE THING, AS LONG AS THERE ARE CARS ON THE ROAD??? What is the world coming to?

So, yes, I am back. It is glorious to be back. No more pack-and-play bed for Baby Sally. And by pack-and-play bed, I mean, crib restraint for about 2 hours, until she wakes up and screams and I have to pull her into my bed to get her to be quiet for the other people in the house I'm staying at (of the 5 different places I slept in the last 10 days.) And, no more Wii. THANK GOD for no more Wii. I am now convinced that we are the only people left in America with children who don't own a Wii. Because of this, I didn't balk too much when my kids kinda OD'ed on Wii play at all their friends' houses. After all, the most sophisticated machine we have is a Game Boy Color. No, not Advance. No, not DS. I'm talking, one step above Game Boy Black-and-white, which we owned until about a year ago. We affectionately called it Game Boy Classic. We had to finally make the move up because Game Stop quit carrying the game cartridges. I don't know what we'll do if we have to buy a Game Cube. And no more living out of a suitcase. I am THRILLED to be back to putting my dirty clothes in a hamper, not a plastic bag. I am so ready to be able to choose what shoes I want to wear, instead of just putting on the only pair I brought.

And, of course, it's nice to be back to the Internet. How in the world did we all survive without it? Miserably, I guess.

So, I must ask you all to please be understanding about the past two weeks. I love you all. LOVE LUV LURVE. But I am going to go ahead and do the whole "Mark All As Read" in my reader. I just can NOT face my 250 unread blog posts, with the number increasing every day. I want to start fresh. If you have a post from the last two weeks that you think will rock my world, and that I just can not live another day without reading, please let me know and I'll check it out. Otherwise, just consider me back from a sabbatical.

I am hoping to post a few pictures from my trip. I want to do that so that you all have at least one post you can hit DELETE without feeling guilty, and I get to pretend that people are interested in seeing pictures of my family, my friends, cows, scenery in St. Louis and rural IL. One picture I never was able to get, but wanted to, was the many billboards we passed for Adult Movie sales and rentals. Apparently, this is quite a popular business venture in Southwestern Missouri. I had no idea. But, on the trip, I was all about, "Hey Kids, here's the Game Boy! Play all you want! Yeah, keep staring at that screen. Here's some candy too!" Now that the Peanuts can read, I don't want them asking, "What does 'All Live Nude' mean, Mom?"

See ya round the blogs!


Megryansmom said...

Welcome home!

Jennifer said...

Glad you are back. Isn't Texas great. You never have to worried about something eing frozen here.

Jen said...

Oh I am so glad you are back. But you must read ALL my posts. Yup they all were super great and you can't miss a single one. Just kidding! I am just that your turd-self is back!

Christine said...

I am so glad you are back to read from daily, and I tagged you with a fun bag meme.

E said...

Everyone needs a break now and then. You may just be inspiring me to take one too. I am considering leaving bloggy world for a while to work on a long delayed project.
Did you miss it or are you refreshed?
Welcome back..we missed you mama

Texan Mama @ Who Put Me In Charge said...

Hello folks!

Well, E, I have to admit... I did like the break. I missed reading the blogs, but I didn't crave to get online. I didn't feel like I was missing out on posting. It was different than when I went to Florida in October. That time, I was really chomping at the bit to blog and read other blogs. This time, I dreamily thought of all the hobbies I could get back to (reading, scrapbooking, sewing) if I could just cut back or quit blogging. Of course, now I'm hooked and don't know how I could cut back. Blogging is one of those things that we can't really do for a while, then drop for a while, then come back to. Once you're in it, you kinda have to keep with it, I guess. But, a blogger with a real conscience (obviously not me) would say that losing readership isn't important, because he/she just blogs for personal satisfaction. me? I kinda freak out if my subscriber numbers take a nose dive.

I think that the hardest part of blogging is keeping up with other people's blogs. It is just common courtesy to read other blogs and comment, if those people are reading yours. But I just can't keep up with them all. I try. Some days I do better than others. But half the time I'm thinking, "I'd rather be making curtains."

dddiva said...

Welcome Home. I need to take breaks now and then so I know exactly how you feel.

(I am having a $25 Amazon GC Giveaway, though, ending tomorrow that you might want to enter.)

We love our Wii though (esp the wii fit)

Bridgett said...

Ft. Leonard Wood. That's my only thought about Live Nude Girls in SW MO. We stay in a cabin near there (north, towards Jeff City) and the way down on 44, the closer we get to Rolla, the more live and nude the billboards become.

Which is funny since SW MO is like Downtown Assembly of God country. It's so bizarre that these two things coexist...