Sunday, February 22, 2009

Money... That's What I Want

Who doesn't want some cha-ching? In today's economy, it's a popular topic.

Now, don't go throwing rotten fruit at us, but really the economy hasn't affected us TOO much. Actually, when we moved to Texas last year, Texan Papa took a job that almost doubled his salary. Now, granted, we have really increased our expenses too, but we are still living the (pretty much) same lifestyle we always have. We don't carry any debt whatsoever (except our mortgage), we eat out occasionally but not a ton, and we try to buy things on clearance. Big purchases? We discuss 'em together and make decisions.

So, recently, Texan Papa decided he wanted to buy a kayak. PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME TALK ABOUT IT. I have discussed the kayak to death and cannot utter another syllable about it. But, suffice it to say, TP wore me down and he bought it. He did get a really good deal on it and paid for the whole thing with his own money, less $50.

Now, I am thinking... "okay, time for Texan Mama to get some shopping love." I am SO wanting to get a new camera. Currently I have a Kodak point-n-shoot camera. It does okay, but I just cannot get the kind of pictures that make me "ooh" and "aah". I have a very strong desire to get a DSLR but no cashey-cashey. So, I've been doing odd things to earn some money...
  • I have been tutoring (that's my normal gig, but I'm trying to get some more clients)
  • I have been doing babysitting for my next-door-neighbor
  • I have been considering donating plasma. Hey, it's $65 and I've donated blood tons of times. Do you think that's too desperate?
  • I'm going to go through my jewelry box and pick out all my old jewelry that I don't like anymore and see what I can get for it.

The camera I want to buy is a Canon Powershot SX10 IS. I have about $150 saved up right now, so I am guessing I will have to save about another $200-$250.

This got me thinking about ways to make money on my blog. I know I can carry ads, but I have resisted them for a long time. I kinda feel like blogging is my hobby, and I wonder if ads take away from the "pureness" of the blog. I mean, I don't mind ads on other people's blogs, but I don't know if they are right for me. Plus, I don't have THAT many readers. I wonder how much money I'd actually make. One friend, who has way more readers than I do, said she didn't really feel like the ads were worth it, especially considering sometimes the ads posted were for products she would never personally use (and might find objectionable!) What do you think? Are ads worth it?

I also know I could do product reviews and paid surveys. While I do believe this would be a real way to make money, I don't know if I actually want to spend MORE time on the computer than I already do. Doing reviews/surveys would definitely be the turning point where blogging stops becoming a hobby and starts becoming a job. Currently, I try to only be online when my kids are not around - naptime, after bedtime, and before they wake in the morning. Doing paid surveys and reviews, PLUS still visiting all the blogs I read (and that's the part I really enjoy most anyway) would probably double my online time and would start to force me to be online when my kids are needing my attention. I wonder if I will lose some of the joy I have for blogging if I *have* to do it every day. Plus, as it is, my housework is already suffering and I just don't get out as much as I used to. I think increasing my blogging would make the situation worse. On the other hand, every time Texan Papa sees me on the computer, he says, "Can't you figure out some way to make money doing that?" I just keep thinking that if I wanted to earn money, for me, maybe I could find a better (less time consuming?) way to do it.

What do you think?


J'Ollie Primitives said...

We use Google AdSense on our website and on my blog. The ads are small and aren't obnoxious.

The pennies do add up, and have paid for a camera and a couple of fancy lenses. It took a year or so, but it's passive advertising, so you don't have to do anything but remind your readers to *click* on them!

Megryansmom said... pays a little and they do pay.

Chris said...

I'll give you some stats from one of my websites with google ads. I average 300 new page views per day and it took me a year to make the $100 that they require before you get paid. IMO, google ads aren't the way to go unless you're getting a TREMENDOUS amount of hits.

There ARE other ad networks out there that pay better, but the trick to those is that you have to be able to sell their products. No sale = No money for you.

I really like eBay for making money online!! I'm willing to bet you have a few hundred dollars worth of stuff you could sell on eBay. And if you have auctions near where you live, it's definitely worth looking into. Examples of my profits for eBay are purchased a book for $1, sold it for $800. Purchased a $5 stereo component (from a ticked off wife lol) and sold it for $600.

Those weren't normal everyday sales, but if you can make $20 a day... that's 600 bucks a month.

I should've just made a post out of this. LOL.

anymommy said...

No idea, so far blogging has only cost me money. Lol. (Due to a little conference in July and a treat to myself for a new design.)

I'd love to hear how it goes though.

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

No clue on making blog $$ but I do know you can make some money off ebay. If you are done having kids, you can sell stuff to Once Upon a Child too!
Remember if there was an easy, less time consuming way to make money, we'd all be doing it :)

Shelley K. said...

First of all, can I tell you HOW much I enjoy your blog?? I am a subscriber and a follower too :) You always manage to put a smile on my face as I read about the adventures of your family. You TRULY have a gift of writing!!

That said. For me, I don't like have "Ads" on my blog...especially if you don't have much control over the products. Just my own opinion, for all its worth (probably not much in today's economy...LOL!) but I know you know what I mean. Plus, your blog is an extenstion of YOU...everything on it should reflect if it if a product that you really LOVE and want to endorse (AND you can make $$$$) than that would totally be worth it....otherwise, I would just stay away from it.

I do, think though, that you are such a talented writer that you should explore writing professionally (not blogging)...maybe submitting some short stories, etc...just a thought.

A HUGE bloggy fan...



Dorsey said...

I have the Canon camera you want (10XIS) And I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I got mine by saving for SEVERAL months!! I think you can get it cheapest online ( for like $350 something...

Good luck in your quest!

Anna See said...

These are great questions. As you can see from my blog, I'm bare bones, no ads, and just the plain blogger template. I'd love to jazz up the look of my blog, but I'm not sure about the next level-- don't want to take the fun out of it either.

I LOVE to sell stuff on Craig's list. Do you have it where you live? I love how people come and pick the stuff up at your house. No trips to the post office. I've never done eBay b/c I'm too lazy. My sister sells all her exercise dvd's this way.


Sturgmom said...

Looks like you've already got some great advice! I don't have any b/c I haven't even considered nor would I know where to start. With my luck, my measly blog would probably end up costing me money if I tried to have ads!

I agree that you can probably make some extra change by selling stuff on ebay or consigning clothes. If you have a Just Between Friends sale near you (there are several in TX), you can make a good chunk of change from that. I made about $200 last season from consigning kids' clothes.

Natalie said...

i feel your pain. i whined, begged, discussed, etc for over a year and for Christmas I finally got a Nikon D40. I had saved money, done paid surveys online, sold items on ebay, held a garage sale and then several family members gave me $ and told me it was to go toward my new camera. I love it and it was so worth it! now husband says he is going to name it because it means so much to me!!!

I have blogher ads on my blog. it doesn't pay much but every little bit adds up and they send you an email when they will be adding new companies ads to the network and give you the option of opting out if you don't support that certain ad.

good luck!