Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Favorite Things

"Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on kittens..."
"Doorbells and sleighbells and schnitzel with noodles"
Yeah, I don't like those things. But I DO like:

1. Hershey's Kisses - They are my most. favorite. food. I don't want any fancy Godiva stuff, or added nuts, or caramel or nougat. Just plain ole chocolate drops wrapped in foil. And, I have bought some kisses in a bag that came unwrapped (I think they were in the baking aisle for the PB Thumbprint cookies or something) and I didn't like them as much. I think I like the anticipation of unwrapping the foil and having to wait 2 seconds for the little high I get from the cocoa and sugar.

2. Sunflower seeds. David sunflower seeds. I have eaten them my whole life. Anyone who knows me after about age 5 will attest to this. I have, at times, worn the inside of my cheeks raw from storing up salted sunflower seeds there like a squirrel hoards acorns. As a pre-teen (now I guess they are called "tweens" but at the time we weren't, so I don't know if I can call myself a tween... ponder that!) I would sit on the school bus and carry a little baggie to spit the shells into. Or, I'd lower that clunky school bus window and toss the shells out, all the while kids behind me yelling that the wind was messing up their feathered bangs.

3. Netflix - y'all already know why I love Netflix. Let me just share a few more words. Selection. Convenience. Value. Friendliness. Getting mail that isn't a bill. I love me some red and white envelopes.

4. Diet Coke - shame on me for making my beloved dC #4, but I did not fall in love until college. I used to suck down regular Cokes, until I found out that they had as much sugar as a whole candy bar. I decided to switch, so for a whole summer I drank nothing but water or unsweetened iced tea. After that, even diet Coke tasted sweet. And a love affair was born.

5. Church Hymns - call me an old traditionalist, but every Sunday I come home humming my favorite tunes from church. I always do it with a big smile on my face. And, I can't hide the fact that it makes me beam when my kids can join in and sing the words right along too. Hearing them sing about Jesus sure beats them singing "Hit me Baby One More Time" or "Dontcha wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me".

6. Lion's Choice - unless you are from around St. Louis, you cannot appreciate this place. Lion's Choice is a roast beef fast food restaurant. It makes Arby's food look like grade D cafeteria food. Their fries are mediocre, at best. But the wafer-thin roast beef... on the sesame seed bun... with the seasoning.... (drool dripping onto keyboard)... And, they are the only fast food restaurant that I know of that sells - and has sold for dozens of years - carrots and celery sticks as a side dish. Or potato salad. Quirky, no? So if you're ever up near St. Louis, you MUST get a Lion's choice sandwich. That's an order.

7. The Water - Okay, truthfully I typed this list a long time ago and when I came upon this item I was like, "huh? what did I mean?" But I quickly remembered. There are few places where I really just feel calm. I seem to be in perpetual motion - wiping a baby's bottom, picking up toys, driving carpool, doing laundry, even typing at a keyboard. But, when I go swimming, and I plunge myself underwater, I just feel... at rest. I almost feel like I belong there, not up above the surface. I love to hear the underwater sounds of kicking feet, splashing ripples, and muffled laughter. I have always opened my eyes underwater too. After all, I can't imagine having this world and not knowing what it looked like on the inside. I have never scuba dived, but I think I would like it. But, I might feel distracted by the big wet suit and all the equipment. I want to just BE underwater. Just me, with my hair floating all around me like wet stringy seaweed, kicking my bare feet and feeling the water with every square inch of my skin. I have often thought that if I had to choose a way to die, it would be drowning. I think that would be very peaceful.

8. Jennifer Garner - She is my most favorite actress. I think she totally rocks. She's tough but sweet too. She is pretty but not in that unattainable sense. She is very "girl-next-door-ish". I just get the feeling that if I saw her on the street, I could ask her over for dinner and she might actually take me up on it. I love her laugh too. I just want to make her my new BFF! (Hey, Jennifer, if you're reading this, have your people call my people. I make a mean chicken lasagna. You're totally invited, and so's your husband... what's his name again? :-))

9. Ireland - this place is magical people. It is everything you see and read about in tourist books. I swear - I went there for a semester in college and every time I took a weekend trip to a different part of the Emerald Isle, I kept waiting to find a place that was less than spectacular. Never found it. Every single inch of that island is green (except the Burren). Every single person is happy to meet you, especially if you're an American. Stuff is all relatively cheap. People are not hung up on materialism. There's tons of public transportation. The bands are so hip. MMM hot chips with vinegar. I just have too many memories that will come spilling out now... I'd better stop. But seriously, if you ever get a chance to go there for a visit, you will NOT be disappointed.

10. Tastefully Simple - their food mixes are so yummy and easy. I love to have some of their stuff on hand in my pantry to make in a pinch when I have to take a dish somewhere to share or if I'm having company over. Without a doubt I will get many "oohs" and "aahs" over the dips, beer bread, desserts, etc. My favorite is the Fiesta Dip mix. yum yum yum yum. And so easy. And I make everyone think I can actually cook.

Okay, 10 is a nice round number, don't ya think? Maybe I'll come up with 11-20 another time. But for now, I have to go unwrap a few chocolate friends...


Scary Mommy said...

Those mini Hershey Kisses were SUCH a disappointment-- I hated them! And I hear you on Diet Coke. I can't live without it.

Megryansmom said...

Hmmm my next stop through St Louis, I will hve to stop for a bite to eat. I can recall a time when Arby's used REAL beef.

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

My husband really wants to go to Ireland--some day ;)

Those are some fun things--I love the water too!

Jenny said...

I loved Ireland so much I married an Irishman. It really is a magical place!

The Irishman and I may be in St. Louis soon...we'll have to keep Lion's Choice in mind.

Jen said...

I like the list. I am with you on the diet coke and sometimes, I even do a diet Dr. Pepper.

Natalie said...

i love old hymns! i have a bart millard cd where he sings a lot of the old hymns and my kids love it too. and i agree i would much rather hear them singing about Jesus.

mmmmm, hershey's kisses are the best! my husband is a sunflower seed freak. they kind of drive me a little crazy...

Christine said...

I new we were kindred spirits.....I am also at total peace in the water. In fact there is no better place as far as I am concerned. I want to swim, float, snorkel, and relax all my problems away.

anymommy said...

Ireland - truly magical, I agree. Throw in a bag of hershey kisses and a beer and life is really, really good.

Bridgett said...

Huh, didn't know LC was only up here. I wolfed them down during my first pregnancy (low iron, perhaps?)