Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday Tribute: My Mother-In-Law

Today is Tuesday, which means that Jay over at Halftime Lessons is doing the Tuesday Tribute. Because, as much as I want it to be, it's not all about me.

Today I decided to write about my Mother-In-Law. Her name is... well, following with the Peanuts theme, should I call her "wah-WAH, wah-WA-WA-wah"? No, I guess that would be the name for my kid's teachers. So, I'll just call her Peggy. After my very favorite Texan Woman, Peggy Hill. From King of the Hill. I never truly appreciated the humor and the truth of King of the Hill until I moved to Texas.

So, my mother Peggy, she's a wonderful woman for many reasons. First of all, she bore my husband. So, she's got that going for her. That's a pretty big deal in my book. Without her loins, there would be no fruit of her loins.

Secondly, she has never criticized me in the entire time I've known her. Never, not once. The closest she's ever come is... well, seriously I can't even think of a single time. Her method of disagreeing with me is to just not say anything and stay out of it. Even my own mother is not blessed with that talent.

Thirdly, she is an awesome Granny to my kids. Every single time she comes to visit, she brings some sort of project that they all can work on. Maybe it's those mugs with the paper inserts that the kids can decorate. Maybe it's some colorful clay that they mold into the shape of a candle holder then bake it to harden. Maybe it's one of those velvet posters with magic markers that I BEGGED my mom to get me as a kid, but always got the answer, "Not today... maybe next time." (Hey, that sounds familiar. Do I know someone who says that... Oh yeah, I DO!) But, whatever she brings, my kids would do it. They don't care if it's easy or hard, girlie or just fun. The important thing to them is that they have an adult totally focused on them and what they want and checking if they are having fun. No chores to do, no meals to make, no email to check. She has tunnel vision on them and their enjoyment.

Lastly, and this is just a little bit catty, but I love the fact that she's a horrible cook. It makes even my own cooking efforts shine in comparison. Trust me, I'm no Rachel Ray. But, growing up, my husband was a product of the "latchkey generation" and his mom always worked long hours. She would get home with little time to make dinner or even way past dinnertime. So her idea of dinner was Mac 'n Cheese and cut-up hot dogs. Or soup. I have days like that too but about half of the days each week I actually make something whose recipe is not written on the container. So, even when I have a rough day and I'm pooped and it takes all the strength I can muster to just boil up some Ramen Noodles and remove a few slices of deli meat from the container, my family is STILL happy.

I wish everyone had a mother-in-law like I do. I seriously do not have one single complaint about her. Except, maybe, that she doesn't live closer.


Jen said...

She sounds like a great lady, a total keeper.

Halftime Lessons said...


That was sweet!!

Now WHO KNEW you could be sweet?


Great tribute, Mama...thanks for coming out!

Christine said...

She sounds wonderful you are really blessed. I would love to do several posts ranting about my mother in law (because she drives me insane), but she does occasionally visit my blog to check on her grandaughters....so I keep my tongue in check.

Anonymous said...

Alright lady...I'm seriously jealous now. You're blessed and SO IS SHE!!!


Debbi said...

you have a great MIL, lucky you! i'm happy mostly that she doesn't criticize you-- that's huge! YAY for being awesome, Peggy!

Wendy said...

That is really cool. My own MIL was a great mom & is a great Gran, and I have to overlook some of her comments and over-the-top OCD behavior simply because she is so good to my kids.

And I love that you pointed out that your MIL raised your husband. I wonder how many truly miserable DIL's would find it easier to deal with their MIL's if they said to themselves as a mantra: "she created this person I love & adore... she created this person I love & adore..."

Jennifer said...

That is awesome. I had the best mother in law too. She was an angel. Like yours, she never had a bad thing to say about me (or anyone else for that matter). We would go places and she would introduce me as her daughter, not her daughter in law, her daughter. And that is the way she meant it.

Some days I miss her so much. Usually the days when I'm wanting to run screaming out of my house because the kids are driving me crazy because I know that she would have been there in an instant to help me with them. But seriously, I look at my kids and get so sad that they won't know her.

So give your MIL a big for me too the next time you see her. A good one is a true blessing.

Eudae-Mamia said...

You are blessed. But it sounds like you know that :-)

You're both blessed.

CJ Sime said...
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CJ Sime said...

Which lottery did you enter?!

And about King of the Hill. Love it. I can't imagine it being any better, but is it really funnier if you live in TX?

If so, I will probably pee my pants this summer!

Sturgmom said...

Well I, for one, thought it was TOTALLY about you, so I now consider myself enlightened! ;)

Your MIL sounds a lot like mine! I'm so fortunate my children have such a fabulous Nana. She stays out of our business, quite unlike my own mother. What a blessing!

Rocksee said...

Ok the fact that she's a horrible cook is great!

I love it that my husband loves my cookin more than my MIL! That makes my heart sing!

from SITS

Anonymous said...

That was a sweet post. I wish I had your luck with inlaws. The first time I met my MIL, 5 minutes later she said to hubby "This one's totally the opposite of the others. She's got no boobs & a big butt" LOL

Wanna trade?