Friday, April 24, 2009


I've heard of Blog Farts - little thoughts and tidbits that, by themselves, don't mean much but when all lumped together can equal up a whole blog post.

I like to call it Blommit - like Blogging Vomit - I have these blog ideas and I am going to vomit them out on the page. So, here goes:

I was watching Made of Honor online on Netflix. If you've seen it, you know that after the opening credits there is a scene where Patrick Dempsey is driving to work in his convertible. My first thought was, "Who would drive a convertible in downtown New York? Certainly the smog would outweigh any beautiful weather benefits." Then, as my mind was turning circles, I see a little boy in a blue-and-yellow striped shirt, standing on a busy people-packed curb. And he eats his booger. And just when I'm about to hit the pause and rewind button, he does it again. How would you like to go to school the next day, after you've bragged to all your friends, "Hey I was an extra in a big movie!", and have to face the next 10 years being known as the booger-eater?
What ever happened to the Thermos? I remember as a kid, I had the coolest lunch box with a matching thermos. My lunch box was old, but I loved it. It was the classic lunchbox shape - long and tall and rectangular on the bottom half but round on the top half. The food fit on the bottom part and the thermos fit neatly into the top part with a little latch to keep it in place and not squish my PB&J sandwich. My lunchbox looked like a mailbox and had a pretend flag on the side for me to raise, and the thermos had ZIP codes all over it. But deep down I always longed for the NEW! square lunchboxes with a plastic thermos (mine was glass and my mom was constantly telling me not to drop it! or else I'd drink glass shards! and always shake it before opening it to see if glass shards were rumbling around inside the thermos!). My friends had lunchboxes from the Muppet Show or Barbie or Speed Racer. But, they all still had a matching Thermos. Nowadays, I'd LOVE for my kids to have a thermos. I have to keep buying and rebuying those damn Capri-Sun pouches or Kook-Aid squeezers. If my kids had a Thermos, all my mornings of stress over filling water bottles or figuring out what to do with 3 kids and only 2 Capri-Suns would be over.
Do you think Dooce reads all her comments? I must admit that I don't read her blog, and I've only looked at it twice. I still don't know how to pronounce "Dooce" (Is it "doo-see"? or is it "deuce"? or maybe even "doo-chee" like an Italian would pronounce it? Please tell me it's not "douche" like a person with a lisp would say. Please say no! Please, God, NO!) But while perusing her recent posts, I noticed many of them were closed to comments. The last one that was open to comments had 450 comments! My eyeballs would get very exhausted if I had to read 450 comments every day. And, knowing how she's one of the most well-known bloggers in the blogging community, I'm sure that not all 450 of those comments are like rainbows and unicorns. I could NOT handle having crazy lunatics make nasty comments at me all the time. Maybe that's the reason she has closed comments...
See? Blommit. I can't use Vlog (vomit/blog) 'cause that word is already taken. So, Blommit.


Anna See said...

I have to say, that was fun. Feel free to blommit in my general direction any time.

Debbi said...

Blommit- yours is oddly awesome!

First blommit: THAT is friggen awesome! I have never been on a movie as an extra, but would DIE laughing if it was my kid. And die of embarasment if it were me!!!

Two: I LOVED my Holly Hobbit (?) lunchbox. I had ET ones, and My Little Pony and ...ewoks, I think. With the plastic thermos. Loved those-- my kids are deprived too, and I hate dumb juice boxes!

Three: I'm off to check out this douche blog! ;) 450 comments?! I'm happy with a few! Although, sometimes I manage to get those non-rainbow and unicorn comments, and yah, I think it'd be hard to have those EVERY day!

Bridgett said...

Blommit is a good word for it, and I will probably steal it. I usually write a title like "random thoughts from today" or other not-as-clever things.

Love that lunch box. I had a metal Peanuts one, with a plastic thermos. The thermos is no more, but one of my hip sisters has the lunchbox. She occasionally uses it as a purse.

Jennifer said...

It is pronounced like Deuce. And she is pretty funny. But I'm like you. I'm not sure I could take the hate mail. I had never thought about that until you mentioned it. And another thing, on those wildly popular blogs with tons and tons of comments I never comment because I just always figure that no one is going to ready it anyway.

Wendy said...

She says she reads everything, but... shrug. I guess she does have to have something to do all day! LOL.

I've noticed all the closed posts recently. I wonder if it is cranky pregnancy hormones: "go away; I don't want to hear you today." If I were that pregnant I wouldn't want to read 50 comments telling me what a promiscuous witch I was, either. Not even if the other 500 were nice.

And thanks to your post, I know now that there is ONE reason to watch that stupid movie. And it's in the opening credits, so you don't even have to fast-forward to find it. (I tried to watch that movie & gave up, which I rarely do.)

Carebear said...

Love, love, love Blommit. Hilarious. I actually posted last month about my toddler eating his boogers. Makes me want to blommit, I mean vomit, just thinking about it. Oh, and not sure about Dooce. I follow her but never read because I just don't find her posts that funny. Now what about Pioneer Woman? The last post I read of hers also had a giveaway for commenters. There were almost 4,000 comments by the time I left my own. No, that's not a typo. FOUR THOUSAND COMMENTS!!! No way she reads them all right?!

Anonymous said...

cool post. i like your thoughts. unfortunately Blommit is already taken. My friends and I started a site called in the fall of 2008. check it out. you'll like it.