Thursday, April 23, 2009

OMG I finished a book

I always have admired the women I read on blogs who are mothers, and author an amazing blog, and on top of it they participate in regular book clubs. I am not quite so multi-talented.

I'm more of a one-at-a-time type of gal.

So, you can understand my exaggerated self-praise when I recently finished a book. The book was Microthrills by Wendy Spero. It is a memoir, which is my current book style of choice. I've also recently read some Jen Lancaster and David Sedaris. And by lately, I mean since sometime after school started way back in the fall. (See what I'm saying? I mean, who has time to vacuum, fold a mountain of laundry, make time for BLOGGING, and read a book too?)

So, this book is the compliation of stories of a twenty-something (girl? lady? woman? Why don't we come up with a new word here - like "tadult" - cross between teen and adult. Or how about Girlady. I think that would cover all females aged 19-29. But I digress.) She reveals stories about her life as the daughter of a single Jewish sex therapist mother who is committed to making sure she becomes a dermatologist (or lawyer or businesswoman) and never eats chemical-laden foods. She describes herself as having OCD, which is clearly demonstrated by her inability to make choices of any type on her own (for fear she will make the wrong choice), and she's a self-proclaimed candy freak.

As far as books go, I have to admit that I'm not very deep. Maybe that's one of the reasons I struggled through high school literature classes with books like Lord of the Flies, The Grapes of Wrath, and A Brave New World. So, this book was right up my alley. Lots of short stories that had the same characters, but I didn't have to worry about putting the book down and forgetting the plot.

The real bonus for this book is that I found it at Big Lots for 50 cents. I don't know why it was in the bargain bin, but buying something for a good deal makes the purchase seem that much sweeter.

I'm hoping that my next book has some kind of plot. Already I feel like I have early-onset Alzheimer's. Maybe I should go do some Sudoku.


Sturgmom said...

What is this foreign "vaccum" of which you speak?

Thanks for the rec. Maybe I'll try to find it soon. I'm dangerous with a book, though. When I'm engrossed in a good one, I'm likely to forget I even HAVE a family.

Jennifer said...

I am an avid reader.... or I was before I had kids. Now I feel like I can't finish a book to save my life. I'm hoping when the kids get older I'll be able to read more.

McVal said...

You're so lucky! I think the last book I read from cover to cover was the school student directory - getting ready for a graduation...
Actually - I tried getting into a 3 inch thick book a couple months ago, but my mind just couldn't get into it.
I lived vicariously thru the classic lit my son was studying this spring when I helped him study and/or asked him about the book. One flew over the cuckoos nest, Crime & Punishment as well as a few others. He read em, not me.... whew! I wouldn't have the patience for them.

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

I really love to read but like you know, it's next to impossible to do! Glad you found a book you enjoyed!

Anna See said...

good for you! i have my master's degree in english literature AND i work in a bookstore and i still can't seem to get through a book these days. the siren song of the tv and magazines and blogs, you know?

flavoredmom said...

I am a writer and a reader. In the past few years (with 3 kids now) of course I could only read at bedtime. Until...audiobooks. Best find of the past 5 years for me. I listen to books in in my car (being a drop-off/pick-up service gives me a lot of listening time); I upload them to my ipod and listen on walks and at the gym. I listen to books when I'm painting or when I'm doing a monotonous chore like folding laundry. I get to "read" again and it's even better because most of the narrators are awesome. And I'm multi-tasking! I'm addicted. Also, I get most of them from my local library, so it's free. Give it a try.

Wendy said...

See, I get to read now because my kids are 8 and 5, and about to all be in school. They can play alone for a little while. They have a regular, dependable bedtime that I can count on, and I don't have to go to sleep right away because I know they are unlikely to get up 6 times during the night. Barring a tummy flu or something.

Only 2 years ago... I read nothing. Nothing. My brain was turning to half-melted jello.

You'll get that time back & be able to read a lot, eventually.