Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Price of Communication

So, I was perusing some of the new Entrecard ads that are waiting for approval at my dashboard over at Entrecard.com. Do you know what Entrecard is? Basically it's a way to promote your blog on other blogs/websites. You earn credits by accepting advertisements on your blog and also by visiting other blogs. You spend credits by purchasing advertising space on other blogs. The credits are all just virtual... there is no money involved. Well, not until lately. I think now you can actually purchase credits with real money. The more credits you have, the more expensive blogs you can purchase advertising space from. Anyway... I usually check out a blog before I approve it to run on my personal corner of the blogosphere. I visited a site called washwords.com. There was a good post about the lost art of letter writing. It is sad that this art form is going the way of everything else that is non-digital. There was a writing prompt also, which I decided to do:

Question/ Writing Prompt: What was the last (snail-mail/real) letter you remember writing or reading? Why does it stand out?

Hmmm, that's a good question. I love to write letters. I feel that they are just so personal. I love to lick the stamp and hand-write the address. An even better feeling is when I can include a special photo of a recently taken family member. Sending letters are like unconditional love notes. Like, "here's this communication and I don't expect any immediate response. I just wanted to tell you hello, and I love you." Letters are better suited for a time that is long past. In today's society, we expect and desire an immediate response to everything. Call someone on the phone? Well, I can't wait until I get home, so I have to get a cell phone to call them at any given moment. What if they can't talk? Well, I'll just send them a text message! But the written word is much more complex. Words, once inscribed onto paper, cannot be taken back, cannot be changed, cannot be undone. A letter tells the recipient that you took the time to sit down and devote some undivided time to just that one person. Letters are a commitment.

As much as I love to write letters, I love to get letters more. I must admit that it is actually much easier for me to throw away a picture of someone's darling 3-year-old in a ballet tutu than it is for me to throw away a hand-written correspondence. The photo may show a precious child with a perfect smile, but that smile is for no one in particular. A letter is very personal, very implicit.

The last letter I wrote was actually a card. Actually, 3 cards. Two for a very good friend who may read this post before the cards reach her. And another card for another wonderful friend who probably will get the card before she reads my post because I know how behind she is on her email. And really, if you have an inbox of 100 unread messages and a mailbox with a pink envelope and a hand-written address, which are you gonna read first?

And, on a sad note, did you know that the price of stamps is going up again? Yes, in May, my mailman Mario (yes, his real name) has told me that the price to send a one-ounce first-class letter will go from 42 cents up to 44 cents. In my opinion, it's a small price to pay for the joy you know it brings to someone's heart. The bill companies can go screw themselves - I'm paying those suckers online. But when it comes to my girlfriends, nothing compares to the feeling of knowing you're loved enough to get a letter.


Debbi said...

I write a letter to a friend in jail with no computer access. It is nice getting a letter back from him, every time!

washwords said...

Thanks Texas Mama! So glad for entre card if it made me find you. I'm one of them there new "paid" ads but I have been an entrecard member for a while, just thought I'd see what all the fuss was about with the pay system and hey, it brought me you and several other new readers/commenters, so it's a hit!

Really appreciate the link love and I will rec. people come over here too!

Sturgmom said...

I'm a letter lover, too. When I was in high school (in the dino days before email) I had several friends in other cities with whom I corresponded regularly by "snail mail." It made my day to come home and find I had REAL mail in the mailbox. My MIL still sends J. and me cards every so often, but the art of letter writing seems to be a dying one.

Christine said...

Oh...I am so not a letter writer. In fact I don't even do the whole Christmas card thing because I just can't cope with it. On the other hand, when my girls go to camp they love to recieve mail so I go on a binge in the summer months to just to keep them happy

Jennifer said...

I like sending cards, but I'm not real good with the whole written letter thing.

The last card I got was from friend thanking me for the dinner I prepared for her and her hubs when they came over one night. So sweet, and yes it totally made my day. Much better than a txt message or email. I'll have to try to remember that.

Anonymous said...

The last time I wrote a letter was many years ago, to my Grandma. I stopped writing mainly because of a car crash that made it hard for me to grip a pen. It's really no excuse though. Shame on me.

Jen said...

when I was younger I used to write letters all the time. It was fun to get one in the mail. now i write emails and blog post. still just, I still get all excited when a new email comes to me.

Sara said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog!
The last letter I got was last week, it made my day. The last letter I wrote was last week. It was a Thank you letter for making my day. I figured if I get a kick out of getting mail, so would the sender. I love writing letters!
Have a great day

Kelly Deneen said...

I miss the days of letters. I remember being 17 and in love and exchanging letters for months with a boy I met. *sighs* Those were the days.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog yesterday!

Natalie said...

I am with you...I just love letters. I enjoy sending cards and notes but I have to say that I don't love the licking part. I even buy the 'sticker' style stamps even though they are less interesting looking.

Thanks for the reminder that I need to mail someone a card! I need to make this a regular thing I do...like every Monday send someone a card...just because. hum. I might just do that!