Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Envy You If...

Last Sunday my husband was the guest preacher at our church. The sermon was all about being content with what we have and not coveting... not wanting what others have.

But yet, I'm having a really hard time getting past what others have and I don't. It's not so much material things as it is the unattainable things.

I Envy you if...

You are 5-foot-8-inches or taller

You live within a 2-hour drive of family

You have a friend who you can get together with once in a while... in person, not on Skype

You have a part-time job that you like

You have carpets that aren't white or off-white

You have nice, delicate hands and fingernails

Your kids are well-behaved at church

You can genuinely smile about your life

You enjoy cleaning your house

I have TRIED and TRIED to train myself to get past these things. Some days I do. Most days I just say, "oh, I give up!" and even though my shortcomings bother me, I am usually too comatose to let it keep me awake. By the time my head hits the pillow I am already dreaming. I think this is my latest stage of pregnancy. It all began with me having insomnia, and now I'm so tired that I can't remember the last time I stayed awake for anything... blogging, reading, cleaning, or sex. Which suits Texan Papa just fine because he's got a middle-of-the-day type of libido.

Okay, TMI.

So, I'm now off to put away at least two projects which have been sitting out, waiting for my attention, for about 3 weeks. I am going to surrender to my laziness and admit that I am NOT going to do those projects right now. Maybe I should just admit defeat and plan to do those projects in about 6 years, when new-baby will be going to Kindergarten.


Jess said...

My list is about like yours!
There really is nothing 'material- wise' I am wanting.
You are so right! It is the unattainables!
I would add: You enjoy folding and putting away laundry!
I can get it cleaned and dried, it just doesn't make it off of my loveseat!!

OHmommy said...

It's so hard not to envy people that live within driving distance of their families. I do so nearly everyday.

You have a nice list.

Megryansmom said...

Good morning, back to EC dropping after a LONG leave, I envy people who do so with regularity LOL

Congrats on the new baby!

Jennifer said...

I envy people whose kids don't have chicken pox.

sassy stephanie said...

Your list looks like I could have scribbled it. So like me. I'm struggling and struggling right now with being content. Sigh.

Courtney said...

I am so behind. Congrats on the baby!! I am hoping that when I test in 2 weeks I am knocked up. lol.

Wendy said...

If you find the secret to loving housework, you'd better not keep it a secret!

Sometimes I think, "what could I do to earn enough money that hubby wouldn't have to make his commute?"

Then I realize that's impossible and think, "what could I do to earn enough money for a MAID?"

In Tombstone when the lady says her version of heaven is "room service" - yeah, ME TOO. A cook and a maid. That would be heaven on earth.

Finding contentment... if you can find contentment where you are, you can be happy anywhere. Nothing is ever completely perfect. I think the secret to contentment is a constant attitude of gratitude (no rhyme intended), which you have to cultivate on a daily basis. If you can make a habit of thanking God every single day, many times per day, for the good things in your life - you'll find contentment finds you.

Dejoni said...

I envy people who have a full time housekeeper, nanny and win the lottery....that's not too bad is it???? LOL!
Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day!

stephanie (bad mom) said...

It hurts my heart that you aren't smiling about your life right now, but remember everyone has gritting-their-teeth times; I hope yours don't last much longer.

And also remember that most tall people have a hard time finding clothes that fit right, and anyone who says their kids are well-behaved at church are either lying or drugging those babes.


McMommy said...

Oh, so you envy ME, do you?

Well, what can I say?

Not everyone can be a 5'9" hand model with non-white rugs who loves scrubbing toilets!!!