Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Most Annoying Stuff In The World

The most annoying stuff in the world (not ranked, as annoying-ness changes depending on my mood)

1. A practically invisible hair that is stuck somewhere inside my shirt, tickling the skin around my torso or on my upper arms. Every time I try to find it, I search but can't locate it. Then, 5 seconds later, it's twitching me again. UGH!

2. People who misuse words and phrases. I can handle misspellings. The whole "lose/loose" thing doesn't bother me. But, I can't stand when people think that the phrase "all intents and purposes" is "all intensive purposes". NO NO NO. And, those are WELTS on your son's face, not "whelps". Unless, of course, your son has baby puppies attached to his cheeks.

3. Fellow shoppers who love to point out that your toddler is going berserk and/or having a meltdown in the middle of the grocery store. Or Target. Or anywhere the mood strikes. "Awww, looks like someone isn't too happy." I want to say, "Uh, no shit Sherlock. How 'bout I giver her to you while I finish my shopping trip?"

So, what's annoying you today?


Debbi said...

I got that shopping thing yesterday. With 5 kids under the age of 5 at Costco, I should gathered a quarter for everyone who said, "Wow. you've got your hands full". Was it the sticky faces from that nasty chocolate cake samples, or the one peeing on the floor whilst trying to help push the cart around that tipped you off? One quarter each woulda paid for the hundreds of dollars in groceries! lol

Jennifer said...

I love this mood you are in. You are sounding more and more like me every day. But I have absolutely no reason to be that way. At least you have hormones. LOL

sassy stephanie said...

I hear ya (you). I've even been know to throw back a sarcastic "oh, but I'm sure your child NEVER did things like this" to strangers making those kind of dumb ass comments.

Sturgmom said...

OMG, I don't know if my hair is falling out more than usual lately, but I've been having that hair problem TONS lately! It DRIVES.ME.CRAZY!

Bridgett said...

People who talk through their kids. That's driving me crazy this weekend. Like, someone sits down next to me at a family gathering with her 7 month old and says stuff like, "Oh, do you see Bridgett? I think Bridgett got her hair highlighted. What do you think?" Jiminy. Just talk to ME.

Whelps and intensive purposes are nothing compared to CONVERSATE.