Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So, being past the first trimester of my pregnancy still doesn't make me believe that I'm out of the woods yet. I'm still a little bit gun-shy to tell people that I'm pregnant. I know it's past the "safe time" but things could still go wrong. I'm seriously not trying to be a pessimist, but I have done the whole "Yeah, thanks for the congratulations but I'm not pregnant anymore." And then, the awkward deafening silence. NOT so interested in doing that whole song-and-dance again if there's any way to avoid it. My freshest idea is to just surprise everyone with a birth announcement in November. Or, better yet, just send out Christmas cards with the new baby's photo in it. SURPRISE!

So, anyway, my body is at that awkward stage now... Nothing fits around my mid-section. Everything I have that is maternity LOOKS maternity, and everything I have that's "normal" looks like I'm squeezing a sausage into its casing. I'm at the point where people just don't say anything because they all think I'm gaining weight. Really, I'm just gaining girth, but what's the difference, right?

I have invested in a few new pieces for the maternity wardrobe. I am ashamed to admit that I still have some things from when I was pregnant with Peppermint Patty back in 1999! I like to think that those styles are "classic" but the truth is simply "the elastic isn't shot yet so I can get another pregnancy out of it".

Texan Papa went to Kohl's last week because he needed some new clothes, shoes, belts, etc for work. The next day I did some "work shopping" for myself. I need a "working wardrobe". Let's face it: when a woman is getting increasingly fatter, anything she can do for herself to feel less like a whale is good for everyone involved. If PREGNANT mama ain't happy, NO BODY's happy and I mean NO. BODY.

One more fun thing: I have been getting some skin irritations on my neck, chest, and torso. I thought they might be bug bites of some type. I prayed it wasn't scabies (which I got in 8th grade from the bed I slept in at summer camp. Ew.) After some investigation on the very reliable and always truthful internetz, I thought i might have bed bugs in my house.

Oh God, the heebie jeebies.

I looked at pictures. I read message boards. I investigated all possible treatments. The bad news, and there doesn't seem to be ANY good news, is that they are hard to find because they are very tiny and they are hard to get rid of because they are so hard to find.

After having two exterminators come in, and finding NO evidence whatsoever of bed bugs anywhere, they have convinced me that I am bug-free. I'm not totally convinced yet, though. I haven't slept in my own bed for the last 3 nights, but I think I may try again tonight. If I wake up with a million bug bites all over my body, I might check myself into a mental hospital.

At least it will be clean... hopefully.


Jen said...

I am glad that to see your little ticker on the side bar.
I like the idea of just sending out a birth announcement. That is what my sister did. It was great.
And I just have one question, does anyone else have these bite or it is just you? ;)

Anna See said...

i can understand why you are a little gun shy about announcing. that must be hard.

i was pregnant in 1998 and i must say the clothes are way cuter now, so i hope you'll be able to buy a few new cute things.

sassy stephanie said...

Wonder if it is a food reaaction? You know those preggo hormones do weird stuff you may have never seen before.

Jennifer said...

I have a good friend that went through some really horrible miscarriages (one while she was working out of the country in India) and when she got pregnant with her son she told no one.... the entire pregnancy. Well, she told me because I was pregnant with Baby Girl at the same time and she told her boss.... and probably her husband. And that was it. She just let everyone else guess. She was just too nervous to actually voice what was going on.

Go get some of those bug bombs, and set them off in your house while you are gone on your trip. That should at least make you feel better mentally.

Sturgmom said...

I had weird skin itches when I was pregnant. I hope it really is nothing!

Karly said...

Aaaaagh! I would DIE if I had bed bugs.