Friday, June 5, 2009

Flashback Friday: Stuff to Do with Poo

I LOVED this post when I wrote it. I think it deserves a comeback.

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(originally posted November 24, 2008)

Creative Things to Do with Poo

Okay, on my list of "Titles I Never Expected to EVER Use", this one comes near the top.


What do you like to do with poo? Do you like to eat it? Do you like to smear it on your face? No? Well, you must not be very cultured.

If you have seen the movie The Bucket List, you know what I'm going to talk about next. Kopi Luwak is coffee made from very rare coffee berries. These berries are found on the islands in the Indonesian Archipelago, which are located northwest of Australia. The Kopi Luwak, or Civet Coffee, is made from coffee berries which have been eaten and passed through the system of the Asian Palm Civet. Yep, you guessed it: it's made from berries that have been pooped out of a weasel-sized jungle cat. It is believed that, by passing through the system of the animal, the enzymes in the cat's stomack break down the proteins in the berry which give coffee its bitter taste. The defecated berries are washed and only slightly roasted in order to preserve the berry's complex flavors.Photo courtesy of Google Images

Am I the only one who thinks those look a little bit like granola bars? (shudder)

After purchasing your coffee beans, which by the way, costs $120-$600 per pound, you might be a little bit stressed out. How 'bout getting a facial to relax you?

At Santa Fe's Ten Thousand Waves Spa, you can treat yourself to a Nightingale Cleansing mask, which includes powder from the "sanitized droppings" of these feathered friends. $115 for 55 minutes of treatment using only the finest nightingale poop available.

Photo courtesy of Google Images

My biggest question is this: Who's in charge of collecting all this poo? And how much do they get paid? Whatever the answer is, I would bet that it's not enough.


Jennifer said...

That is disgusting.

Aleta said...

Granola Bar? nooooo... looks like poop.. nasty, nasty, nasty picture. LMAO

You have to be sick to want that in your coffee - one drop of poo or two? ROTFLMAO

Scary Mommy said...

That has totally killed my appetite. And I sincerely thank you for that!!!

McVal said...

Just happened across this this morning. If it's good enough for Victoria Beckham... it's good enough for me!!! :)

McVal said...

oops - guess you can't see the whole thing. The headliner tho is about Victoria's spotty skin... She uses the nightingale droppings tho to clear her skin. I think she may have caught some sort of bird flu tho...

sassy stephanie said...

Don't park those next to the Baby Ruths.

Anonymous said...

It amazes me what lengths rich people will go to just to spend a lot of money on things the rest of us have in our yards......for free.