Monday, June 22, 2009

Still Truckin'

Okay, so I'm on Day 15 of the Great Summer Vacation of '09 and I haven't killed anyone yet.

Except a bird. But that was his own damn fault. He needs to look where he's flying, especially when trying to pass under a minivan traveling at 23 mph.

Anyway, I survived my trip to Florida. Looking back it was fun and I understand now that I need to relax a bit more.

After retuning from Florida last Tuesday, we went to visit my in-laws in northern IL. That was Thurs-Sun. Then back to St. Louis.

Today we went to the St. Louis Science Center. Tomorrow we go over to rural IL to visit friends from our previous congregation (Tues-Thurs). Then on Friday I have an eye-doctor appointment back here in St. Louis. Saturday - cousin's wedding. Sunday - niece's graduation party. By next Monday I may finally be on my way back to Texas.

All this running is making me crazy. And grumpy. I had no idea how hard it would be to take my kids on vacation. Going to other people's house means one thing for me: keep the damage to a minimum. My kids are sweet, intelligent kids. But they are kids. And they aren't afraid to jump on beds or kick a ball or touch something that might be fragile. They aren't destructive but they also get excited when visiting a new place.

So, traveling from one place to the next has been a long string of "Don't touch that!" and " Just sit still!" and "Don't eat in that room!" and "PLEASE JUST CALM DOWN!!!" I am so ready to be back in my own house where we don't have anything that is too sentimental or expensive to be unsafe for small hands. Our house is filled with things that were deemed "replacable" many years ago, simply because of the nature of the beast. But I don't expect other people to live that way and therefore I have to continuously monitor my children's behavior, making sure that carefully constructed Lego villages or family heirlooms are safe from wandering tiny fingers. I feel like I'm "on" 24 hours a day and I can't relax.

I'm glad, though, that I'm finally in the home stretch of my family trip (I gave up calling it a vacation a long time ago). I even have my niece lined up to babysit a few times for me. Hopefully I'll get a girl's night out of this trip one way or another!


Debbi said...

Dumb bird!~ :)

Glad you're doing pretty well. If you want to enlong your trip, *(which isn't even a word, but anyways)* you can drive up here to Canada and stay at my house. We have NOTHING nice. It's a dayhome-- EVERYTHING is touched and unbreakable/unchokeable/unwreckable. THEN you'll feel like you've had a vacation.

Jennifer said...

Sounds like things are starting to wind down and get better. I'm glad. I bet when you get home that will be the best sleep ever.

Wendy said...

We had a Christmas-time trip like this one year.

We still refer to it as "The Christmas from Hell."

I'll be looking forward to you being home, relaxed, and posting more!

And just think. No matter how bored & wacky your kids get this summer, you can think back and say to yourself, "AT LEAST WE AREN'T IN A MINIVAN DRIVING BETWEEN FLORIDA AND ILLINOIS."

Jen said...

that has got to be hard and stressfull. Good thing you will be home soon!

anymommy said...

I am impressed. Just one of these trips, just the thought, wears me out!

Scary Mommy said...

I'm leaving on Sunday for a two week adventure up north. Should be interesting.