Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer Quicksand

It's happening. The drowning that happens this time every summer. Why? I can't put my finger on it.

Maybe it's because I'm 5 months pregnant. Maybe it's the heat. Definitely it's the constant relentless presence of small people who need repeated care and feeding.

But, whatever the reason, summer is dragging. like. sap. flowing. out. of. a. tree.

The kids are watching WAY over their quota of television time. We are eating out WAY too often. Laundry piles are WAY too high. All my bright ideas about things to do this summer to keep me busy are suddenly... too hard. Or too boring. Or else it's just plain impossible to motivate myself to drag a baby and 3 children and my expanding self out into the 100+ degree heat and humidity to go ANYWHERE.

And summer day camp! My life preserver! "Mom, it's just boring. Do I have to go back?" YES BY GOD YOU SURELY DO AND DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT NOT ENJOYING YOURSELF.

Every single day is a countdown clock to bedtime. How many more hours must I endure of listening to the children have short tempers with each other? How many more hours must they endure my short temper with them? Can I put them to bed early tonight? Yes, I know it's still sunny outside but don't even THINK about getting out from under those covers.

Why am I surprised? It's this same way every year.

And, here's my favorite BACK TO SCHOOL commercial:


Scobberlotcher said...

We are having very similar summer experiences, though this is my first experience with the constant fighting between my two kids. It seems endless. So much so, I just looked up the first day of school on-line. Ha ha! A mere month away. Hang in there. :)

Jennifer said...

I can't even imagine the torture of staying home with bored kids all summer. And of they think summer camp is boring ask them how they would like sitting in their room for several hours every day.

Jen said...

I so hear you. I don't have school aged kids but I am longing for the routine and schedule of fall. And I am so ready for this summer 'fun' to be done.

McVal said...

I think they're looking forward to structure too... And I LOVE that commercial! So true! I'll be the reason the bus drivers need to clean lipstick off the school bus on the first day.

Schmoochiepoo said...

Awesone commercial. {I could be biased though cause I work for them in Canada}

Maybe school should run all year??

Wendy said...

I'm facing both my kids in school in only a month (less than a month!) and no more excuses about why I didn't do the dishes or why the pile of laundry can only be scaled by a trained mountain climber with the proper equipment. And they've already announced the "end of summer pool party" at the nearby pool when they just barely had the "pool is open party". AND MY BABY IS GOING TO SCHOOL AND WON'T BE MY BABY ANYMORE.

I'm happy. And completely freaked out. And summer has slipped away like a wild, greased pig.

SugarandSpice said...

I think I might feel the same way if I had that many kids! And being pregnant in the dead of summer is the worst!

coco-ono said...

Im the exact opposite, I feel like summer is so refreshing and energizing and live in daily fear of winter arriving and locking me indoors.

But then again Im only FOUR months pregnant with only ONE child. So I guess talk to me in 10 or so years.

Stopping by from SITS, I really enjoy your blog!