Friday, September 25, 2009

Flashback Friday: A Poem About My Boobs


Time for Flashback Friday everybody! Pick out your favorite old post and recycle it here! Look! I'm being a friend to the blogging environment!!!

Hooray! Hooray! Today is the Day!
Today my nursing bras are all put away!

No more flaps! No more nursing shirts!
No more drips onto my pants and my skirts!

My boobs are no longer for the wee little one.
Now I can use them for all kinds of fun.

I can finally wear a REAL bra - one with lace
My husband's approval is written all over his face.

Now, my melons are larger, I cannot tell lies
But more fills a bra than simply the size

Where once was a pair of nice perky cantalaupe
Has been replaced by ziploc pouches of liquid soap

If you've nursed a babe then my words will ring true
And for any who hasn't, well, my areolas envy you

My girls are old war vets, they've seen the front lines
They've been bit, pulled, and chewed so many many times.

So I'm glad to be able to wear the dress I like so much
that zips in the back and hides my stretch marks and such

I guess they will fall and point south pretty soon
so I'll get 18-hour support for morning, night, and noon

And if I hit the lottery and meet Dr. 90210
my boob-fat and tummy will all have to go

But until then I'm stuck with the body God gave me
And the help of 4 pregancies - nothing could save me!

Thank God for the love of a husband so kind
Thank God, it's true that love must be blind!

Originally posted July 5, 2008

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McVal said...

LOL! How did I miss THAT one!?

Jennifer said...

So I guess you are going to be busting those nursing bras back out again soon, huh??? Sorry. I couldn't resist.

Mrs. F said...

Lol:) I love this poem. I am on month 10 of what I promised my husband would only be 12 months of nursing. As a matter of fact I stumbled accross this blog while pumping at work. Thank you for a smile.

Buggys said...

I've never seen this before. Too funny!

Courtney said...

Ha ha ha!! I was laughing just by reading the title! You are too funny!

Emily said...


Mama B said...

So funny that this is the one you chose TODAY! I was just reading through some of your older posts and found this one, and loved it!

In fact I was going to ask if I can post in on my blog in October (linking back to you of course!) I am going to be featuring stories on boobs and breast cancer for breast cancer awareness month.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Anna See said...

LOVE your poem! My girls and I could relate, and I've only had 2 kids!!!!

I'd love to participate in FFriday. If you have a chance, could you remind me how to post a previously posted post? How many times can I write post in a sentence?

Bridgett said...

And here you go again....

I've just had the fight of my internet shopping life to find a nursing bra I liked. I wound up buying a regular bra and converting the dang thing.

Foursons said...

Fantastic poem! So glad you reposted for us newbies.

stephanie (bad mom) said...

It is (they are) spectacular...


Theta Mom said...

Nice poem! I woud like to follow your blog if you follow mine as well. :)

Wendy said...


As a newer reader I love these flashbacks. Boy do I know about the liquid soap boobs. I have more to put in my bra, except that now I have to pick it up & drop it in.