Friday, October 2, 2009

Flashback Friday: Getting Rid of My Kids' VD


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(Originally Posted on 7/10/08)

Getting Rid of My Kids' VD

Okay, before you all judge me on what kind of mother allows her kids to get VD... let me tell you:

I would bet $100 that 99% of you have allowed your children to get VD

Here's what I mean. VD stands for Video Devices. VD could be PSP, Wii, X-Box, PS3 (or 1 or 2), GameBoy, Nintendo DS, simple plug-n-play games, etc. etc.

We do what works for our family. That's my basic mantra.... "hmmm.... whatever works for your family...... hmmmm...." Here at the TX Mama house, we don't have Wii. Or PS3. Or X-Box. Or DS. We do however have Gameboy. That's Gameboy color, not Gameboy Advance. We just got it this summer and my children were THRILLED because they got to see their games in color, as opposed to black-and-white. Our previous game system, which I will call Gameboy Classic, was only B&W, which also stands for "Big & Weighty". It looked like one of those old calculators we had when we were 8 years old, the kind that only did add, subtract, multiply, and divide, and sometimes percent, but it couldn't even fit in your pocket because MY GOD IT WAS A MINIATURE COMPUTER AFTER ALL!!!

So, this week I told my kids, "Kids, we are going to have a video-game-free week." After the expected moaning, groaning, writhing in pain, I finally explained that for one week there would be no Gameboy, no computer (for them of course, not me, since I have to do "work" on mine), and no plug-n-play games. For one week, they would work on using their BRAINS and MUSCLES (besides their finger muscles). So, how's it going, you ask?

Day 1: I went to the gym and dropped the kids in the Kids' Club care. I told the babysitter/teenybopper/gum chewer that the kids were NOT to play any VD. They could watch other kids, but were not to play themselves. I also reminded the kids how proud I would be of them if they could resist temptation for 1 hour. RESULT: Peppermint Patty obeyed (expected: typical first child) but the boys did not. When I came back they were BUSTED.

Day 2: Charlie Brown is having withdrawl pains. He keeps holding the Gameboy, looking at the Gameboy, making trips by the Gameboy on purpose, just to be closer to it. I end up putting it on top of the refrigerator.

Day 3: I take Charlie Brown and Peppermint Patty to Six Flags where (just in case you aren't entertained enough by huge rollercoasters and live cartoon characters) they have a Wii station to check out all the new Wii games! Charlie Brown begs, and begs, and begs, and begs, and whines, and whines, and pouts, and begs, and pouts, and whines. I almost give in just to get him to cease and desist. But I held firm.

Day 4: I catch Linus climbing on top of the counter to get the Gameboy down. Now it is hidden on the TOP shelf of my closet which even I can't reach without a stepstool. So, after lunch, Charlie Brown and Linus go to a friend's house, where (of course, we live in America, don't we) those kids have a Nintendo DS. Both boys end up playing for a while.

My experiment in getting rid of the VD is not going so well. The only one who isn't hooked is Baby Sally, and I think that's only because she's too little to get her teeny tiny fingers on the keyboard. goo goo gaa gaa.


Wendy said...

Boy does this sound familiar!

The third car-movie thing in a row had broken... and we had only consented to that because we lived 14 hours from family. So instead of a new movie player, we got 2 Nintendo DS things.

Have you ever seen the games to that thing? RIDICULOUSLY SMALL.

Anyway, if I don't keep the Nintendos under lock and key, at random times my kids will just disappear, quietly. An hour later I find them (finally) in the guest room closet, playing. Grrr.

So I keep them under lock & key for long car trips. Which happen less now that half their family lives within 10 minutes of here. Grrr. But going downtown or to their aunt's house both take an hour, so they usually get to play then.

I keep it pretty limited. I saw a kid in the emergency room with a really spiffy game thing, talking back to his mom and refusing to obey her because he was too busy playing. He was like 14. TOO LATE, MOM. She looked at me in exasperation, but I just rolled my eyes and looked away. She wouldn't have liked my reply.

Foursons said...

My house is full of them. That is what I use as punishment when they don't behave. Works pretty well too!

Living It, Loving It said...

You are one of my Follow Friday Picks. Come by and visit!

Missy said...

We haven't entered the age of VD's yet.

Momlissa said...

Hi there! Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog and I have an award waiting for you at my blog.

acorndreaming said...

Before I had kids, I was one of those people who looked down on people who had DVD players in their car. And then I had kids . . .

I was also solidly against video games -despite my husband's love of them. I finally allowed my son to get a DS when he turned 8 (he has limits to how much he can play.) and then I let my daughter get a DS at age 5 - yep, 5.

And it's turned out fine. They play them when we have long waits or car rides or things like that, but they still pick up books first. It's just another option around here.

christyzee said...

Stopping by from SITS to say hello!! You commented ahead of me :o) I feel ya, I'm not motivated today much either!
Blessings from Ohio..

Princess Lolly said...

I adore that you call your kids 'Peanuts' characters. That's pretty rad.

I'm due on the 4th of November, btw, or maybe sooner if the kiddo doesn't turn on his or her own. (And by "maybe," I mean "they're gonna reach in with the jaws of life and retrieve the li'l beast currently occupying my lower ribs.") Ah, the miracle of creation!


Best, Keely