Friday, October 30, 2009

The Yummiest, Easiest, Most Sinful Treat Ever

I am so lucky. I have a friend who loves chocolate almost as much as I do.

(I'm pretty sure that the new Peanut will be born with a little Hershey's Kiss paper hanging out of the side of her mouth, I've eaten that much chocolate this pregnancy)

She gave me the super-easiest and super-tastiest recipe ever. I have made this snack dozens of times and every time, people say, "Oh my gosh, these are delicious. How do you make them?" PLUS just for Halloween time, I'm gonna get all trick-or-treatery on you and Halloween it up.

Oreo Truffles
1 package Oreos (I like to use double stuff) - the 18 oz. package
1-2 bags chocolate chips (or chocolate bark)
1 8-oz. brick of cream cheese
1 Tbsp. shortening
(optional) sprinkles or crushed up cookie bits

1. Take the Oreos out of the box and crush them up.

I have used a ziploc bag with a meat mallet before, but that usually makes the white stuff stick to the bag. So now, I just use a big knife to cut them into tiny pieces. If you have the Pampered Chef food chopper (or some paltry look-alike wannabe), you could chop them up that way too.

2. Unwrap the cream cheese from the foil and soften it slightly in the microwave (like, 30 seconds on 50% power). Combine it with the crushed cookie bits and stir it up until the ingredients are well blended.

Form into small walnut-sized balls (I use the Pampered Chef small scoop). (No this is not a promotion for Pampered Chef, I am not a consultant, I'm not being paid for this, I didn't receive any free products, I've just been invited to WAAAYYYY too many home shows). Place the balls on a wax-paper-lined tray and chill them while you're melting the chocolate coating.

3. In a microwave-safe bowl, combine the chocolate chips and the shortening. One bag (12 oz.) of chips will suffice but I like to use more because the work gets a little messy and I like to have plenty of chocolate on hand. Anyway, melt the chocolate chips and the shortening together in the microwave, stirring every minute or so. It'll probably take about 5 minutes. OR you can use a double boiler to melt the chocolate chips/shortening. I use my Pampered Chef double boiler for that, but do I really need to give you the link?

4. Remove the Oreo Balls from the fridge and dip them in the melted chocolate, turning to coat.

Place them back on the tray to go back into the fridge.

(Optional) You can, at this point, sprinkle some sugar crystals or jimmies on the chocolate coating before it sets, just for decoration. These little guys are delish all on their own. But a little color may make them more festive when you're serving them.

5. Chill the Oreo truffles until the chocolate coating is hardened - about 30 minutes to an hour.

Voila! I'd like to say these things are addictive - okay, they kind-of are - but they are so rich that most people can't eat more than a couple without starting to feel woozy.

Have a wonderful, yummy, sinfully woozy Halloween!

I'm participating today in the recipe sharing over at Better In Bulk. Come check it out!


Emily said... totally had me with Oreo!

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh my gosh. They sound FAB! Really fab! And I think I will need that piece of exercise equipment in the post below after I am done eating the whole batch!

Jennifer said...

Those look super awesome.

Meagan said...

are you kidding? i think you just made my month! i can't wait to make these!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree they are great. I have made them in the past and everyone loves them :)...Nice shots..

stephanie (bad mom) said...

Wowww, I might just be able to get off my sick lazy butt to make these tomorrow...Thank you!

(I have an award/homework for you at my place :D)

Stacie's Madness said...

we had these at the halloween party I went to last weekend.

we all got a kick out of the oreo balls.

we're so mature. ;)

Mayhem and Moxie said...

Heaven. This recipe is absolutely pure heaven.

I must make these this weekend! Thanks for sharing such delightfulness with the world. :)

Karly said...

They look delicious!

Just have to it legal/okay/cool to post images from google without giving credit? I don't really know how google images works, but I do know that images from my blogs are on there and I'd be rather angry if someone lifted the image without linking back to me. Ya know? Just a thought...don't want anyone to come after you for stealing pictures. :)

Anna See said...

have mercy! i think this might kill a good way.

Lolli said...

I have made these, too. They are to die for! If only I had a package of oreos, I'd be making these again tomorrow for sure!

Mama Kat said...

Just be thankful I wasn't with you when you made that...I would have eaten every last bite.

Anonymous said...

Someone made these for my baby shower... in the shape of rattles. Oh.My. God. They are so good. They are like orieos that have been soaked in milk... full fat milk... yummmm

Wendy said...

hooolllleeee crap. i need to make me some of these for nano motivation. mmmmmmmm

Foursons said...

I have made those before and they are divine. And oh so addictive!