Thursday, November 26, 2009

A College Cut-Up

I have always been a handy person. I am a big fan of doing things myself rather than waiting around for someone else with the know-how or the right set of tools to grab the glory for doing the job that I was perfectly able to do.

When I was a freshman in college, I built loft beds for my roommate and myself. Actually, it was only my bed that was lofted, and my roommate's bed was tucked underneath. But I designed the plans myself, bought the lumber, nails, and bolts, and set to work. It was a labor of love but when it was all said and done I loved our finished project.

I wish I had some pictures of it, but of course I don't. We would ask any guests who stopped by to sign the loft, like signing the cast on a friend's broken arm. It was a novelty thing, and we really enjoyed having that conversation-starter when we had friendly males over to visit.

One day in my dorm room, I was cleaning off a hook which I had used double-sided tape to stick to the wall. I was using an exacto knife to scrape off all the last bits of ooey gooey stickey. As I held the plastic hook in my hand, and I applied pressure to get the double-sided tape to budge. I kept trying harder and squeezing. Finally, the exacto knife slips forward, slicing straight into my knuckle on my left hand. I'm dripping blood everywhere and my R.A. insists I go to the Emergency Room.

And, lucky me, the ER is at a hospital that serves as the teaching hospital for my college. A med student goes ahead and gives me 4 stitches. The supervising physician comes in to say, 'Oh, no, these stitches are not good. Redo them.'

So, after getting 4 stitches i have to sit and wait around for 4 more. THAT was fun.

I still have the scar from it!

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Foursons said...

Oh my gosh. Seriously? I would have been having a few words with that doctor who said I was having stitches put in AGAIN.