Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Daily Frustrations

Here's some things I get frustrated about on a daily basis, even though I know I need to just let. it. go.

1. Sally insists on playing bubbles. But, every time she does, she blows bubbles for about 2 minutes, then she dumps out the whole bottle of bubbles on the ground. And, since it's not summer any more, I can't find the huge bottles of bubbles any more.
2. My family is suffering from DAS - Dishwasher Avoidance Syndrome. Even if the dishwasher is completely void of dishes, they will not put their dirty dishes there. The dishes ALWAYS end up in the sink. It's not like the dishwasher is on the other end of the house. Hello? It's 5 inches away from the sink. Then, *I* get stuck loading, and unloading, and reloading the dishwasher. And handling food that's been sitting in the dishes for 2 days. And a moldy, nasty dishcloth. Gah, my life is so glamorous.
3. Shoes. Too many shoes. Shoes that get taken off and left in the middle of the hallway. Shoes that track mud in from outside onto my freshly shampooed carpet. Shoes that can't find a mate. Shoes that were begged for, bought 2 weeks ago, and now refuse to be worn. Shoes that make the entire closet stink, infecting all the clean clothes. Shoes that need to be put into the attic for the next child in line. Shoes that are worn to church but should really be reserved for playing in the mud. Shoes.
4. Christmas Cards. My mom says I should just forget about them this year. I really want to listen to her advice, but I've always sent out Christmas Cards. This year, I have double duty with the baby announcements too. I just assumed I'd include the baby announcements with the Christmas cards, but that's a lot of addressing and writing. My style is usually to have a generic typed letter (short, like 3 paragraphs), updating friends & family as to what our family is up to. Then, I hand-sign the actual card and include a photograph. For most folks I also write one or two personal sentences so the card is actually personal to them, something like, "I bet those puppies of yours are getting big!" or "How is Danny doing in t-ball?" My list is about 60 families long, so I have to get on that soon. But, I just don't have the joy to do it like I should. The Christmas cards are a chore this year, more than ever. Makes me wonder why I'm doing it.
5. My own organization skills. It never fails: I leave something out because I don't know what to do with it or where to put it, but I'm sure I'll need it in the future. 2 months pass by, with that whatever-thing sitting in the same place. Finally, I get sick of looking at it so I put it away, someplace "safe". And a week later I need it but have no idea where I've put it because it's not sitting on my nightstand. Or on the corner of the kitchen counter. It's put away. Whew, I'm so glad I finally put that thing away.

Okay, so, enough complaining. I think I need to get out of my funk. And, I think I know just how to do it: TO GIVE BIRTH. Nothing will make me ignore dishes, and laundry, and bills, like a beautiful newborn baby with the smells that make my uterus do a flip and the little baby bird squeaks that take my breath away.


Janie at Sounding Forth said...

Girl...I so understand all those things.

Now pass the Dr. Pepper.

Mama B said...

So your a mom! Seriously we all have the same compliants! I would add puzzle pieces to my list...suddenly the kids don't use them in puzzles they are building and playing with thema nd I have a basement family room coverd in hundreds of puzzle pieces!

Oh and I had a little one and needed to do Christmas when everyone told me to skip it. I got a photo announcement and we included it with a photo card for Christmas, some even got a hand note. I have a web deal for 50 free photo cards, I'll send it to you!

Emily said...

It has been my experience that giving birth makes almost everything better! :) I hope it happens for you very TODAY!
As for the Christmas cards...I love getting and giving Christmas cards. But I definitely think, given your circumstances, a joint card/birth announcement with no added personal touch this year is totally reasonable!

Jennifer said...

You could get a birth announcement card and a photo Christmas card printed at Sams for cheap, cheap, cheap. Stick them in the same envelope with your letter (if you are ambitious) and it will only cost you one stamp and you won't get writer's cramp.

And all of that stuff frustrates me too. This has been a yucky week. Can I come hold the baby when she gets here? Maybe that will help me ignore stuff too.

Sturgmom said...

I practically need to take notes on this post so I can add my $0.02.

Shoes are my nemesis. They make me insane. Add to that the fact that Piper changes her shoes EVERY.OTHER.MINUTE (and it's not always HER shoes) and you have one crazy mom.

I think you should just do photocards for Christmas this year. I have a couple of links for FREE ones, so all it will cost you is a stamp. YAY!

Foursons said...

I think you just described my life in a nutshell. Except for the Christmas card dilemma. My advice- if you really want to send cards out is to wait until the next holiday. Then send the cards out then for that holiday. Could be New Year's or it could be Easter. Either way- the people you send the cards too will spend more time looking at them since they are not bombarded with eleventy hundred other cards.

Jen said...

You are so close to that baby. Any action yet? Think we will meet her soon?

J said...

Ya, me too... I have been sitting here addressing birth announcements all day and realizing that I am about to do this exact same thing again in about 2-3 weeks for Christmas cards. I am seriously considering New Year's cards this year.

S.Cooper ♥ said...

Texan mama,
I am a follower of your blog but this is my first time commenting. I am not a mom, but I find your blog delightful and witty. Anyways... I'd say you have a few things going on and not sending out christmas cards would be a healthy challenge for you. In all honesty.... most families get somewhere between 15-75 cards and it comes a point where they are just another card on the fireplace mantle. That is no offense to you... just to everyone in general. People probably wont lose sleep over this! Plus, it would be good for you to see that its ok to not send out cards. :) Just food for thought! Best wished with the arrival of baby Violet!

HealthyMom said...

My son is constantly dumping out the bubbles too. Below are three different recipes for making great bubbles.
I am right there with you on the Christmas cards and birth announcements.

Basic Homemade Bubbles I
1/4 cup Liquid Dishwashing Detergent (grease-cutters are best.)
3/4 cup Water
1-1/2 tbsp Light Corn Syrup

Basic Homemade Bubbles II
2 C. warm water
1/4 C. good quality dish soap (i.e. - Dawn),
A little food coloring or paint/Kool-Aid powder
2 Tbsp. glycerine or corn syrup.

Basic Homemade Bubbles III
2 C. warm water
1 C. liquid dishwashing soap
1/2 C. glycerine
1 tsp. sugar

Mix together. Use straws, funnels, six-pack can holders, whisks, small cookie cutters, etc. to make bubbles. Store bubble solutions in an airtight container.


jori-o said...

Girl, I'm SO feeling you!! Deep breaths....and can't wait to meet Violet! =)