Saturday, November 14, 2009

I Want Baby Stuff

So, I created a baby registry at Target. There are so many reasons this was wrong, that I can't even begin to count them. First of all, this is my 5th child. What else could I possibly need for a baby that I don't already have? And, when I know no one is going to throw me a shower or anything (and why should they? Hello? It's my 5th baby!) isn't registering for baby gifts kinda selfish?

Really, the reason I did it, actually, was out of hope that if anyone asked "Do you need anything for the new baby?" I could actually tell them "YES, I am registered at Target." The kind of stuff I've registered for are just basic items: diapers, Vaseline, socks, burp cloths, etc. After 5 kids, all the baby Orajel has expired and I will always be in need of diapers. Some stuff has just simply worn out; I also registered for one of those toy net things that gets attached to the bathtub wall.

But I think the thing that sucks most about registering for all this baby stuff, is realizing I'm probably not going to get any of it. And, when I was registering, it was like I was actually GETTING all this new stuff. Now reality has hit and I think I'm going to just have to go buy it all myself. Which is okay, since I didn't really expect anyone to get me anything. But still, I kinda hoped against hope, if that makes any sense.

I guess I could just wait to see if anyone asks after the baby is born what I need. But, some of the things I register for I'm going to need the first week. Like, I need a cover for my Boppy. The well-loved Boppy was bought second-hand to begin with, and has been put to good use. Now I need a cover for it so that my baby doesn't lie on it and think, "Egads, has this woman laid me down on a sheet of sandpaper???"

Plus, this is a NEW BABY. And, although she's 5th in line, she's NEW. And every new baby deserves a few new things. She should have at least a handful of items that were never pre-owned or passed down.

I think maybe *I'm* the one who needs the new things. Sometimes I have so little willpower.


Someone Being Me said...

I bet there will be some people looking to get you gifts. I always bring a gift when going to visit a new baby whether it is the 1st or the 5th. It is nice if the mom takes the guesswork out by registering.

Emily said...

Heehee...I can relate. I always want new things! However, I firmly believe each baby is special and should be celebrated so you definitely deserve presents! :)

Jana said...

If only we lived closer, I would throw you a shower.

I had a shower for my #1 a girl, #2 a boy, #4 15 years later a boy & #5 a girl LOL

Amber Page Writes said...

every momma deserves some new stuff for her little matter how many she has. Go treat yourself (and her).

Foursons said...

Awww! I'm sure someone will buy your baby something new!

A Lil Enchanted said...

I hope you get everything you put on your list! Every new baby does need a few new things... and my goodness... I'm sure a lot of the things you've used with your others have worn out... not to mention you just deserve it!

A Lil Enchanted,

stephanie (bad mom) said...

I have always felt like making the wish list is nearly as exciting as getting the gifts.

And? I'm totally extra excited now to see you next week... ;D

Wendy said...

Don't feel too badly about the new baby having a lot of used stuff. The baby doesn't care, I promise.

Someday said baby will be 13 and will want a LOT of new stuff. More than you could ever afford.

That said, I actually have wanted to have another baby simply so I could get some of the amazing things that came out AFTER I had all my kids. The baby stuff gets cooler every year!

What's that you say? I'll never use that diaper warmer? What?

WHO CARES?! It's cool! I want one. And a baby. But not one that I have to change diapers on & train to be a good person and all that. Just one to cuddle on and buy things for and then pass back off to its real mom.

Oh, I guess I can do that now.

Jen said...

She totally should have something new.

Jennifer said...

EVERY baby deserves new things. And a Momma deserves a party every time she has a baby. We had a "girl's night out" shower for Bud. It was a blast and I got of cute, useful stuff. It wasn't "necessary" and I didn't "need" it, but sure as heck appreciated it.

Susan said...

For my 2nd, I registered at because they let you register for cash gifts. I felt bad making everyone who went to my oldest's shower try to think of something new to give my daughter, so I figured cash was a safe bet and I could decide how to spend it later. Plus, they let you automatically import your Target registry you've already set up, so this might be worth your time to check out!