Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday Random Thoughts

It's Tuesday! I've been saving up these random thoughts just for you.

"I've got some random thoughts for you. Not some ordinary thoughts for you..."
Have you ever seen The Jerk? Know the Thermos song? If not, you didn't get that.

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Have you ever noticed the two phrases "I will check it out" and "I will check into it" mean the same thing? But out and in are opposites.

Kinda along the same lines, if something ordinary is run-of-the-mill or unremarkable, wouldn't you think that extraordinary ("extra ordinary") would be just ESPECIALLY unremarkable, or super boring or whatever. But actually extraordinary means the opposite of that.


I am a wuss. I'm scared of so very many things. But one of my main scares, that happens almost daily, is when I get the need to sneeze while I'm driving. I'm just SURE that the moment I close my eyes and ah-choo! a semi-truck will pull in front of me and slam on the brakes, sending me crashing into the back of him (or worse, wedged under the truck and dragged for miles). Or, I'll be in the middle of a big sneeze and a child or a puppy will run out in front of me and I will not even slow down because I didn't see them.

You may laugh, but I sneeze while driving a lot. Most of the other things I'm scared about are more of the "fantasy scare" variety. Things like, dying from falling out of a roller coaster. Or, while sleeping, having thousands of ants crawling on my face. Stuff like that.


After all the painful, torturous, agonizing mornings that I went through getting Linus to get off to school at the beginning of this school year, he told me the other day, "Mom, I'm friends with almost every body in my whole class!" Just out of the blue. Just for no reason at all. And that has carried me through for a week and counting.


Lately, when raiding the kids' Halloween candy stash, I go ahead and take two pieces of candy. Because if I take just one piece, I know I'll be back 5 minutes later for a second piece. I've gotten to the point where I simply say to myself, "Who do you think you're kidding, taking only one piece? Just get the second Reeses Peanut Butter Cup and get it over with so you don't have to haul your 40-pound-heavier frame up off the couch one extra time. Sure, it'll burn an extra 3 calories, but looking at the big picture, does that really matter?"


Jennifer said...

We have nothing good left in the Halloween bucket. I've put it on top of the frig and I'm going to wait about a week and throw it all out.

And that was quite a lot of random.

Courtney said...

You are too funny. It's almost baby time!

Anna See said...

love these random thoughts! good point about extraordinary

Foursons said...

I always grab 2 pieces of candy and then get up and get 2 more. So in my book you are really disciplined to be only grabbing 1 to begin with!

Angel said...

i grab a lot more than two pieces lol. I sneeze alot while driving too, although I am more paranoid on brides than anything else. Happy RTT

Jen said...

I am sorry but that is kinda funny about the sneezing and driving thing.

Mama B said...

I am terrified about sneezing while driving to! Not just the eye closing part, the whole body jerk that comes with it too! I worry every-time we are all going to die and try to stifle it until a red light!

Kathy said...

This won't help, but I read somewhere that a race car driver travels half the length of a standard speedway during a sneeze. And since you can't keep your eyes open during a sneeze, they are driving that distance BLIND.

Small Town Mommy said...

I always grab way more than 2 pieces of Halloween candy. I was feeling self conscious until I saw that other commentors did the same. They are mini pieces for goodness sake, you can't eat just 1. I have never been scared I would sneeze when driving. Now I am sure it will be the first thing I think about (thank you very much).