Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Random Thoughts Tuesday

Is there any worse smell in the whole world than burnt popcorn?
And, why is it spelled "burnt" and not "burned"? I notice that spellcheck allows both spellings. But when I type "spellcheck" it gives me the red squiggle line. I guess "spellcheck" is not recognized by spellcheck. But I guess that's a separate random thought.


I think it's funny that people say about breastfeeding, "It forces you to slow down and sit for a few minutes to spend time with the baby and relax." Uh, I must have missed that memo. I am always trying to figure out a way to hold the baby to my nipple while changing Sally's diaper. Or while signing a permission slip. Or while chopping vegetables. Okay, not really that last one, but I do try to hold her and nurse her while preparing dinner (usually gourmet fare like Hamburger Helper).

The worst time for me, as far as coordinating nursing and... there's no other word for it... LIFE, is in the morning while I'm trying to shove my 3 older kids out the door to catch the bus. Most mornings, I am so dead tired from just the usual amount of mothering, but lately even more so because Violet gets up throughout the night to eat. So, when 6:45 rolls around I am DEAD tired. Violet is usually still sleeping so I slink out of bed, trying not to wake her, so I can get the kids off to school without juggling a nursing baby, packing lunches, and wiping up a bowl of Lucky Charms that have spilled on the floor. But so far, I never make it. Violet wakes up and starts to howl. "I'm HUUUUNNNNNNGGRRRRRYYYYYYY!!!! WAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! MMMMAAAAAMMMMMAAAA!!!! FEEEEEEDDDDD MMMMMEEEEEEEEE!!!!!" And so on, for 30 minutes or until I crumble from the witty bitty baby cries and let her sidle up to the milk bar.

By the way, I know the solution. I'm not a COMPLETE idiot (only partial). I just need to get up at 6:15 and feed the baby so she'll be happy. But those extra 30 minutes of sleep are just too seductive. The night before, getting up at 6:15 seems so sensible and seems like it will make my day sail along smoothly. Then in the morning the plan all goes to hell.

Okay, that last random thought went on too long.


Lately my feet have been hurting. My sister had bunion surgery, so I guess it's possible that I'm getting bunions too. But, frankly, I have so many damn parts on my body that are falling apart, I'm not interested in seeing a podiatrist to find out if THAT part of me is breaking down too. So, I tried to do a little bit of self-diagnosis and treatment. I came across these:
photo courtesy of PROFOOT care

But I just have to ask myself, how is this product, priced at $9.99, any different than THIS product, priced at around $1.99?

I mean, seriously? There is only so much money in my budget that I can allow myself to be swindled out of with empty promises of health, beauty, and smaller thighs.


Okay, that's it for today. Go check out Keely for other random thoughts!


Em said...

Oh girl, you sleep "in" in the morning!!! She'll be just fine.

I suggest ear plugs as well.

Hopefully with the Christmas break you're getting a little more rest. Or maybe some helpful hands around the house?

Who am I kidding, right?

And you're so worth $9.99 - go for it.

Emily said...

Oh man, I'm so with you on that breastfeeding thing. Maybe the "it forces you to rest" theory will fly with the first but not after that! Hang in there...hopefully it'll get better soon.

Foursons said...

Have you ever tried to walk in those things? I would not be able to wear them all day long, it would drive me nuts!

Take your extra sleep in the morning. As soon as you think you've got things figured out, she'll change her schedule.

Karly said...

I have those little toe stretcher things, but mine are called Yogi Toes. Or maybe Yoga Toes? I don't know. I don't wear them very much, but they are kind of nice. They stretch your toes and make 'em feel all...nice. Only problem is, you can't walk around with them on. You have to just sit and relax and how often do you get a chance to do that?

Anna See said...

I remember nursing Molly while leaning over the counter and opening a can of pineapple. Good times.

I know you are simply EXHAUSTED. Hang in there, Texan Mama!

Jennifer said...

You don't need to get up earlier, you need a sling. Seriously. I'll have two that I'll mail you. I know they are somewhere here in the house. I think it was the best thing I ever did with Bud. I wore him everywhere and it was so nice to have two free hands.

Bridgett said...

Slings help but take some getting used to. I nursed Sophia in a sling but Maeve wanted nothing to do with it. The weirdest thing I've ever done while breastfeeding was ride in a car. We have a minivan and I nursed Maeve through southern Utah on our way to California. I was on my knees facing her with one boob out and thinking to myself "this is it. I am so done with this." In retrospect, a ten minute pull over on the side of the road would have been a good idea.

Crystal said...

I understand the whole breastfeeding dilemma. Can't hardly wait for that again!!

dianthe said...

definitely get a sling - i loved the Moby wrap when they were in the newborn stage and then moved to the ring sling when she was bigger - there is a small learning curve, but it's well worth the time and effort!!

Lady Artisan said...

Heh, the sleeping in need doesn't stop after breastfeeding, as I'm sure you know. I'm not sure who comes up with the "time to rest" concept--probably a mom who can afford a housekeeper, cook, and nanny to take the baby off her hands as soon as it's done feeding.