Monday, January 11, 2010

A New Love Affair

Recently I wrote about our new washer & dryer. I'm happy to report that, after much encouragement from y'all, I have given them a thorough test run and washed everything from peed-on-comforters to spaghetti-sauce-stained turtleneck shirts. All the results have been quite impressive. Plus, did I mention that the wash tub is big enough for me to sit in? It's HE-YUGE. The dryer is not my best friend yet. It takes a long time to dry the clothes, especially if I have a lot in there. But I can't help it! The washer can handle such a large load that I stuff the entire load into the dryer and try to run it all at one time. But I set it for 55 minutes and sometimes things like towels or jeans are still a bit damp. But maybe they aren't damp, maybe they just feel cold from the cold air coming in through the vent tube...

Okay, now how many people haven't clicked away yet from that cliffhanger about my appliances?

Well, I started this post to tell you that I got another new purchase: a new lappy!!!!
Texan Papa bought it for me for my birthday!!! And, my thoughts so far are...


I needed a new laptop. My old one has had a few glitches lately with turning on. I envision one day when I open the lid and I hear a "mwah-mwah-mwaaahhhh" with some yellow emoticon flipping me the bird. Like, "TOO BAD SUCKAH! SHOULDA BACKED UP BEFORE TODAY!"

The new lappy, which I am going to name DOT, for "daughter of Tootsie" (as in, toshiba. Because my first lappy was a toshiba and so is this new one) is shiny and pretty. But the Delete key is in a new spot! Grrr. And the speakers just don't get that loud. Not so great for jamming to the Indigo Girls or watching Lost on Netflix. BUT - the processor flies! Well, it flies in comparison to my pack-mule of a system now. My poor original Toshiba, or Tootsie as I like to call her, has a slower processor, and she's a single processor (DOT is a dual), and has the weight of the world on her shoulders. More accurately, she's having to process all the programs that I've ever downloaded, my kids have ever downloaded, my husband has ever downloaded, plus a zillion and 23 photos, songs, and videos.

DOT is a Windows 7 gal. I think it is going to take me a while to warm up to Windows 7. But, I must admit that I had the same stubborn warming-up phase with Tootsie, who's an xp gal. In the beginning, I didn't like that she had put everything from Windows 98 in different places. What was this start button business? And, when I shut down, why didn't it tell me that it was safe to turn off my computer? And, HELLO? MY DOCUMENTS? WHAT'S THAT ALL ABOUT? But once I learned how to navigate My Documents and My Pictures and Internet Hearts, it was a torrid love affair.

I have to be honest. I probably spend more time with Tootsie than I do with Texan Papa.

So, now I guess it's time to break up with Tootsie and start dating DOT. Tootsie is going to be the rebound girl to my kids. They are totally pumped that they can finally play all their PC games that previously were too advanced for their ancient Dell computer (that only had a Pentium II processor. GASP! The poor urchins!)

So, I guess what I'm thinking is this: Am I the only one who fails to get excited about new purchases that require being "figured out"? What's up with that? Shouldn't I be all excited to have something new? I think, deep down, that I feel a teensy weensy bit guilty because something I already have does work, even though it may be inefficient, or jerry-rigged, or only has half of its original working functions. I guess I feel bad that I'm not making due like I should. I wonder if I'm being pulled into the materialistic, throw-away society that America has become by giving up on my half-working electronics and appliances.
To illustrate my point, allow me to tell you about our old washer and dryer. The washer lid had the pin broken off that would drop into the latch on the body of the washer, telling the motor that the lid was down so it was safe to spin the tub. So, we used a cable-tie to permanently push down the latch. The washer continued to work but if you opened the lid during spin cycle, you'd better not put your hand down into the whirling tub. And the dryer worked, but only sometimes. It would occasionally overheat, then I'd have to take half of the clothes out and dry them in two batches. Or, I could just let the dryer cool down, then run it again - usually for about 15 minutes until it would overheat again - and keep repeating until the clothes finally dried. But, the clothes got cleaned and dried.

Right now I have a 1 gig MP3 player. And I love it. It's so simple and small. And, I know how to work it! I don't know if I'll ever get the itch for an iPod, but I'm hoping I won't. I can only throw myself into the 21st century so fast. I like the old-fashioned version of my electronics.

Holy crap, I sound like my parents.


Kristen said...

That last part was so funny! My hubby got me and his 13yr old Ipods 3 years ago. It took me over 2 yrs to figure out how to work the darn thing! Now I love it and it travels with me everywhere and I have bunches of podcasts that I am addicted to, and I don't know how I ever lived without it!
Electronics are crazy.
And yes, I had to have a friends 8yr old explain to me how to use the dang thing. (For SHAME! LOL)

Jen said...

I am glad that you like your washer I was wondering how u were doing with that.

Jennifer said...

I love stuff that I WILL USE. I don't like something if I haven't asked for or secretly wished or dreamed about it. I think David should totally be able to read my mind like that.

Gigi said...

Your Dot looks exactly like mine (except I haven't named mine yet ::hanging head in shame...::)

Yup - the delete key is in the wrong place and the keyboard just isn't the same (it's bigger and kinda rearranged or something) but I am slowly building a romance with it...I'm sure you will too in time!

Anna See said...

heee hee! i can relate. still getting used to my new car over here.

Emily said...

A new washer and dryer and now a new pc. You have it all! :)

Mommymel said...

I am sooooo like that. I hate learning new things. That's why I still don't text, and my cell makes (gasp) only phone calls and is not internet ready. I was a bit sad after Hubby bought me a GPS for my car because then I'd have to learn to use it, and any other time he buys me tech, I still feel the same way. Esp. since most times he actually expects me to read AND understand the manual. Gah.
Windows Vista almost sent me into convulsions trying to figure out terms like "burn" and "rip". Previously those terms only brought to mind fire and stinky toots.

Sturgmom said...

I don't like figuring new technology out either. It takes too long, I feel like I end up only tapping into half of the potential ability, and frankly, I resist change.

DH, on the other hand, HE will spend copious amounts of time with new gadgets. Each time he get s new one, I call it his new girlfriend for about 2 weeks after b/c he spends so much time fiddling with the dang thing.

Maybe that's why he always gets new stuff and I end up with hand-me-downs...

A.Marie said...

Oh funny...I totally agree with you on electronic gadgets! It takes me awhile, but once I get used to them, I am hooked!

We have Vista on our computer; have had for over a year now, and I am not loving it. I think that XP was better! :)

I think that I want to get a romance going with Windows 7 since I have totally fallen out of love with Vista! HAHA

Cascia said...

The technology that is out there today is truly amazing.