Monday, February 8, 2010

One Nation, Under Dave

This nation is a nation divided. There are now officially TWO type of people in America:

Those who follow Dave Ramsey. And those who do not.

I think if Dave Ramsey ran for president, he would win by a landslide. Seriously, is there anyone left in this nation who doesn't follow him, or know someone who does? I hate to make this comparison, but it's like cancer: You either have it yourself, or you know someone close to you who does.

Now, personally the Texan Household has not been gathered into the Dave Ramsey Cult. There, I've said it, I think it's a cult. Although, I know DR doesn't require his followers to do anything harmful. But the way they talk, it is clear that he has a strong and fast hold over them. This occurred to me when one too many of my friends uttered, "Well, Dave would say...."

I think they should all wear bracelets that read "WWDD?" (Instead of WWJD for What Would Jesus Do)

Now, I have to give props to all of his followers. They are getting right with their finances. They are reducing their dependence on credit. I mean, what in the world could be BAD about getting out of debt? And, it certainly isn't a scheme or a get-rich-quick system. But sometimes it is just so shocking to me how Dave Ramsey and his Money Makeover will completely conform a person's thinking to his own. Sometimes when I ask people questions about the plan, they answer, "Well, I don't know what Dave would say about that." HELLO? WHAT DO **YOU** SAY ABOUT THAT??? I just get the feeling that people feel so beat down about their money issues that they are left to feel that they can't decide on their own how to handle their finances. They have to commit, to the letter, to all of Dave's principles.

If they want to do that, okay fine. Their life. Their money. It's all good.

But seriously, doesn't that sound like the definition of a cult? I'm just sayin'.


Foursons said...

I've gone through the whole Dave Ramsey course. He has some good things to say, but he also does things that are just not conducive to my lifestyle. Like living with cash. Going to the bank to plan my week in cash just doesn't work. And when two people use a debit card from the same bank account it is so difficult to track spending like he says you are to do.

And an emergency fund is great. I had one. The money was all spent for emergencies. I couldn't replenish it. Thank goodness I didn't cut up that credit card like he insisted I should.

But you are right- it is very cultish.

J said...

LOL I read your post while I was listening to Dave Ramsey's podcast!

Even though I do listen and find it encourages me to stick to my budget, I don't agree with him politically AT ALL and we were debt free long before I ever discovered him.

But you are still right - sometimes I have the irresistible urge to call and ask him what to do, and then I realize that my husband and I can figure these things out along with prayer and the wise counsel of our community group.

It's easy to think I could call someone and get a quick answer without doing the hard work of investigating for myself :-)

Jennifer said...

This is so funny because I've been thinking the same thing. Sorta. Not the whole cult thing. But about DR and how people follow his teachings (like the way I wrote that?). We are getting our income tax back and I'm using it to pay off a credit card bill, but not the exact way DR says to do it and I can't stop thinking that the DR followers would freak. LOL Oh well, I guess I'm just a little too strong willed to be a follower.

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

I do like a lot of what he says. We do his plan but he is not the focus of it all. He's not God. we all have to make decisions that aren't the best. it's life

Karen said...

I have never heard of Dave Ramsey. Sounds like I wouldn't want to either!

Sturgmom said...

We love Dave!! I even talked to him on his show once. To me, the things he says just make sense. Unfortunately, we have what Dave would call "an income problem." So we don't follow his plan exactly, although I think we should do better.

Bridgett said...

Wow. I have never heard of this person. And yes, it sounds a tad cultish.

We also have very very little debt and none of it on a credit card, so maybe that's why I'm benighted on this one.

Bridgett said...

And the whole referring to him by Dave, like he's a friend? It reminds me of la leche league meetings I used to attend...and I loved Dr. Sears' books, trust me, but some women would say "Dr. Bill says we should..." like he was their actual pediatrician and not an author of a book. I get it.

FishHawk said...

Well, I must be living under the same rock as Karen and Bridgett. For I cannot recall ever hearing of Dave Ramsey before. I did look him up before posting this comment, however. If he would seek to clean up as much of the corruption and incompetence in our federal government as possible, I would vote for him. For after that was accomplished, we could fully fund all sorts of programs like GOOD universal healthcare and cut taxes by a bunch without sacrificing national defense.

Housewife Bliss said...

just found your site via domestiquette and will be back for more. love the blog name. coryanne

Emily said...

I have thought that too...and I kind of think it goes to show how much of an "all or nothing" society we are. Especially with money. People went from extreme spending to the opposite now. That being said, though, while we don't follow Dave Ramsey (and actually haven't completely read his stuff) we have recently started the cash-only system he suggests and it has been good for our finances and well as our relationship. I was worried that the cash only system would cause me to become obsessed with money, but honestly, it's had the opposite effect.

Bear and Bones Mama said...

Wow. I've never heard of Dave Ramsey. I'll google him now. I life under a box, I know I do. It's got to do with not having cable and newspapers making me sneeze, and trying to save money on subscriptions to magazines....I generally only listen to the BBC when I'm driving the kids around. I need to get out more. I need to pay more attention to the world outside my little box. I need a nap.

Kristen said...

I went to a Dave Ramsey seminar at a local church back in 2002!
I was 22, getting divorced, and my whole world was upside down.
I took alot away from that meeting. Mostly the Dont Buy it if you cant afford it. I had about 12 credit cards...beause you know, I was young and dumb, and thought money grew on trees. I have worked to pay them all off (I cut them up in a little ceremony when I got home from that seminar) And that for me...was the best thing I could have done, it made me grow up, and be more financially responsible.
I dont agree with everything he says, and I havent listened to him in years, so I have no idea what his political standings are. I simply took what worked best for me, and I have made that work well for the last 8 years.