Saturday, February 13, 2010

Does Your Spouse Celebrate Your Specialness? Vote Now!

With Valentine's Day near, I wonder how other couples view the big romantic day.

I am always surprised, but less and less as years go by, at how the whole topic of Valentines Day is like a time bomb for a relationship. Sometimes, the guy doesn't remember. Or he doesn't remember the right gifts. Or, he remembers but says something that gets him into hot water. Or he makes the right plans but forgets to get a babysitter. Or whatever.

I would love to get candy and flowers on V-Day. I'd love even more to get a poem. But really? What would make me melt?

Getting to sleep in. For reals. None of this "SHH BE QUIET NOW!!! MOMMY IS SLEEPING!!!! THAT'S IT, YOU'RE IN TIME OUT!!!!" crap. Sleeping in means you take the kids out to breakfast so the only thing I hear is the laundry machine tumbling the load you just started. An alternate but completely acceptable way to celebrate Valentines would be to do the vacuuming and ironing for me.

Valentine's day has lost a lot of its meaning and importance, I think, because my husband just isn't into it. So, he doesn't go overboard for me and if I try to make any effort for him, it falls on blind eyes and deaf ears and an uninterested spirit.

If I could pick just ONE occasion that I'd like my husband to remember and make a big deal out of, it would probably have to be my birthday. I like Mother's Day too, but my birthday is all mine. Don't have to share it with other moms. Just me.

How 'bout you? What holiday/celebration is #1 to you? And does your spouse make you feel special on that day?



Jennifer said...

Mine actually does pretty good at all the special occasions. But today I would LOVE it if he would clean my kitchen.

Emily said...

You know, I have to give my husband credit b/c he remembers Valentine's Day every single year and always plans something cool. This year we went to a wine class and learned about Bordeaux wine. It's kind of funny though, b/c I've told him repeatedly that I don't really care about Valentine's Day and that Mother's Day and our anniversary is much more important to me but he can't seem to remember those days! I guess we should have gotten married on Feb. 14. ha!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Foursons said...

Huh? Special occassions? What the heck is that?

Bridgett said...

Valentine's day = merb's chocolate covered strawberries and a bouquet of flowers.

Mother's day = my choice. This past year? Get everyone out of the house and let me clean it in peace.

Birthday = no big thang.I make a cake, usually any gift is something that needed to happen (this year it was a new kitchen floor, which was fine with me because I like it).

So I like all three (anniversary too) but my favorite is Memorial Day weekend at the cabin on the Gasconade...

Wendy said...

He has president's day off so we get a whole day to ourselves today. Yeah!

We don't celebrate "Hallmark Holidays" because we both feel really rebellious about letting commercialism affect us in that way.

No, really. We stick it to the man by not buying each other anything for v-day. Why is v-day all on the guy anyway? I guess I don't get it. He is more about the romance than I am anyway. LOLOL

But I'm excited about our day together today, and glad the kids have school. Yeah!


Hi Mrs. Texan Mama

I hope you had a great V. Day weekend
God bless you and have a wonderful week,

nicole said...

I'm with you--birthday takes priority! I want to be noticed and spoiled all day on my birthday. Our anniversary is tomorrow (2/16) so we don't do Valentine's Day. And we usually only go out to eat for our anniversary (with kids in tow pretty often).

Sturgmom said...

We do try to make birthdays special for one another. Valentine's Day probably comes last on the special list, but he did make my favorite breakfast ever yesterday. But no gifts or cards b/c we agreed on that.

Sleeping in, a few hours to myself, chores getting done- ALL excellent ways to make me feel special!

Kacie said...

Have you told him that?

Cause he's a man, he probably had no idea.

I've told my husband I really don't need anything on V-day except to know he loves me. However i've clarified that that means that if at any point our relationship is struggling and we're not feeling so close, all of this little things that would be needless normally are essential to help me know I'm loved.

SoccerMOM said...

I guess I am luckier than most. My sportsman is not over the top romantic, but he does work really hard to make me feel special on every holiday. My kids are old enough now that for Mothers day they pick out their own presents for me.

I know it's easy to get let down by not having a really romantic spouse. However look at it this way, there really aren't very many men out there that are romantic.

Kristen said...

My sweetie does pretty good at remembering the holidays. I usually get the Godiva Bear for Christmas, Easter and Valentines. He is great at cards, he writes much better than he talks sometimes, so I am usually all teary eyed.

But last year for my birthday I made the mistake of saying "All I want is to sleep in for once." And he took that quite literally. The 2 yr old woke up at 430, Dad went and got him and they were on the couch watching spongebob when I woke up at 7. 7!! Its just not fair sometimes!