Saturday, February 27, 2010

Don't Leave Me Hangin'

If you've ever stopped by my blog and left a comment, but I've never commented back to you, PLEASE don't think me rude. I try to comment back to everyone who comments to me, at least once in a while. If you've never heard from me, it may be because you are...

**insert spooky music**
A NO-REPLY COMMENTER!!! (Trust me, you don't want to be one of those.)

Basically, a "no-reply" commenter has their Google account set up in such a way that their e-mail address does not show up when they comment on a blog, and the blog author can't reply back to them. When I get a comment like this, I see your handle (for example, mine is "Texan Mama") but when I read your comment in my e-mail, I can't reply. If I tried, I would be sending the message into the cyberspace garbage dump. It's where e-mails go to die.

Some blog authors reply to comments in the comments. Me, personally, I don't do that. I'm not against it or anything, I just like to reply directly to e-mail.

So, if you want to get a direct email reply to your comments (on my blog and on any other) then just do this:

Go to your Google Dashboard. Here's what it will look like:

Except yours will have your profile pic and won't have those black button things at the top. I don't know why they're there but I can't move them so let's just pretend they're not there. moving on...

Next to your profile pic, click on "Edit Profile". When that screen comes up, you'll see a few sections. The first one is marked "Privacy". You'll want to leave a check-mark in the box "Show my e-mail address". Then a little further down, under "Identity", you should enter the e-mail address where you want the replies to your comments to go. This can be a different e-mail address than the one you use to sign in to your Google account. It only affects where the e-mail messages get sent.

And finally, AND THIS IS IMPORTANT, go down to the bottom of the screen and click "Save Profile".

Voila! Now when you comment I'll be able to harass you. You might be a little bit sorry.


Maggie S said...

Hitting the "save" button is so important;{


Good advise Gretchen.

I rarely comment on my own posts.
Lately when I comment on a blog post I add my email at the end of the comment.

thanks for the info.


arlee bird said...

Here I thought I was getting the personal treatment by getting a comment sent to my email. Well that's okay too. It is nice to have a comment acknowleged. Some blogs never let me know that they have even read my comment-- did they read it?
Thanks for the info.

Foursons said...

Thank you for posting this!!!! No-reply blogger drives me crazy!

Bear and Bones Mama said...

I love that you answer comments! Thanks for taking the time to do that.

Stephanie said...

I did not even realize my profile was set that way! Thanks for posting this! I'm a new follower :)

Karen said...

I used to be able to be found until I changed something. Sigh. I will work on it. Check out my new blog. I am celebrating by giving away a snowman handbag.

Wendy said...

Aaaack! Gretchen! Tell "old geezer" that he is going to be hit with a tsunami of junk mail!

He should put something like


to prevent web crawlers from stealing his email and giving it to every spam demon there ever was! Not kidding. Spammers use programs that just crawl the web & look for emails to grab. So, so bad.

Jennifer said...

I was thinking the same thing as Wendy. And how about you just email me the HTML version of this so I can post without all the typing. :)

Angel said...

Gosh I JUST realized I was one of those commenters! I have fixed it now though! Thanks for the wonderful advice!