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Flashback Friday: God Bless America

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In honor of President's day this past Monday, I am going to do a Flashback Friday post that I did almost 2 years ago right around the 4th of July.

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What does "American" mean?
Originally posted 7/1/08

Now, it is close to the 4th of July, so I have been thinking about America. I mean, what does it really mean to be "AMERICAN"? Is an American defined as a person who fits the stereotype that other countries have of us? By that I mean: an overweight person driving a big gas-guzzling car, eating a Big Mac, having road rage, and when he/she gets home there is so much extra food for dinner that the overflow is simply thrown away. OR is an American defined as the new wave of our country: an Eco-Friendly pacifist who only rides a bike or walks (or drives the french-fry car), buys everything organic and sternly rejects the idea of organized religion in favor of free thought and worldwide tolerance and acceptance.

I have to be honest. Right now I do not like America. If I could move to another country with my family I would do it. Unfortunately I have too many anchors here in the United States to keep me from going - some good and some bad. My extended family is all here, my friends are here, my children have just started school, we've just bought a house, we don't know any other languages, etc. But living in America is chipping away at my heart, little by little. What happened to the America of years ago? Words like PRIDE, HONOR, SERVING YOUR COUNTRY, OBEY, and CITIZEN are becoming words to be mocked. The very thing that our country was founded on - freedom - is the thing that is going to tear us apart. Everyone is free to think whatever he or she wants, do whatever, be whomever, say whatever, and then some. If today I can burn an American Flag and hide behind freedom of speech, what is next? My opinion is that if you hate America so much, THEN MOVE SOMEWHERE ELSE AND HATE US IN A COUNTRY THAT DOESN'T SUPPORT YOU. The same people who burn flags are the ones who will collect social security when they are 70 and you can bet that they cashed that economic stimulus check last spring. I just can't help but hate those people who hate America.

But right there is exactly what I'm talking about: Do I hate them because they hate America, or do I hate them because they're different from me. Am I intolerant? Deep down, do I just want to live in a society where everyone thinks the same way I do? After all, that's anti-American, isn't it? I mean, wanting to exist in a world where freedom is quashed. I guess there is a boundary somewhere, like... you can have free thought about how much to pay for something, but not free thought about whether you will pay for it or not. I guess what really irks me is the people who claim to be free-thinkers, but really just want everyone to think like they do. The new Go Green movement reeks of antiestablishmentalism (is that a word?) but really it's just a movement toward a new establishment with its own set of rules and boundaries. Buy organic. Grow your own food but don't use pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Don't use air conditioning because of the leaks into the atmosphere. Buy a hybrid or alternate fuel car. Pay more for all these things to further support the movement. If you don't you're an enemy of the earth, destroying it for future generations. (insert growl here) BAD HUMAN!!!

So, is the blog world representative of America? I guess it is. For every interest and every niche there will surely be a blog that will feed that intellect. And before long I'm sure there will be blogs with questionable content (unless there are already - I'm just not aware yet). The internet is the new forum for free speech so undoubtedly those blogs will go uncensored and continue to promote the ideas of the masses, no matter how healthy or unhealthy they may be. God help us all. For now the best I can do is to just carefully choose my content and pray that I don't get too worked up the next time I hear some crazy inbreed spouting off at the mouth.

One last note: Here is an example of poor judgement when considering free speech. Last fall (2007) I went to a children's museum with my 3 kids while I was pregnant with my 4th. The kid-to-adult ratio there was about 4 to 1. My older two, Peppermint Patty and Charlie Brown, can read pretty well by this time. One adult male, aged about 30, looked in his closet that evening and chose to wear a t-shirt that read "MAN WHORE". Now, of course, that idiot had the right of free speech to wear that t-shirt. He wasn't committing a hate crime. He wasn't endorsing any behavior except, possibly, blatant stupidity. But what kind of person wears that shirt to a CHILDREN'S MUSEUM???? Very subtly I steered my children into another room away from the offending t-shirt so I wouldn't have to answer the question, "Mommy, what does 'Man Whore' mean?"

God Bless the USA


Jennifer said...

I agree with you on the whole, if you don't like why do you stay here thing. But I still think we have the greatest country on Earth and I thank God that I was born here.

Jennifer said...

That's beautiful. Yeah... the whole "man whore" thing... that really was a stupid choice. My front yard is the bus stop for the neighborhood ( lucky me). I cannot even tell you how many times I hear the F word dropped at a very loud volume. And asking them to stop just makes them louder and more obnoxious. I hate that my son has been exposed to that word already at such a young age.


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