Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pictures of Me, In Case You Have Nothing Else To Look At Today

Hey Y'all. I wanted to share a couple of pictures of me, because I know I often wonder what YOU out there look like. Pictures of me are a rarity, because normally I hand the camera to someone and I'm all, "No, zoom in. Now focus. No, no flash. Can you take one vertically? Hold the camera steady! I don't like the background..." etc. etc. You get the point. I'm a bit of a control freak, considering I am not even that good at taking photographs. But, none the less, here's a few pics of me as of late:

This one was taken about a month ago. I have been trying to get better at photography, and as luck would have it, the best light in the whole house is in my master bathroom. So, I am wondering how long it will take for me to exhaust bathtub poses. (BTW, I hope you don't blush looking at this - I think it's pretty tame.)

This one was at the most recent PTA meeting. I was doing my best to keep Sally entertained. I said, "Hey! Look! Let's take a picture of ourselves!!! Look - you can see us on the camera!!" She was not in the least bit amused.

This one is from Saturday 3.27.10 Texan Papa's work had an Easter Party with egg hunt for the kids. It was really sunny but very windy. Looking at me here, it's clear that I need to quit using the excuse "I'm nursing!" for scarfing down chocolate mini donuts. I love those things. The devil must have created them.

This one is from my trip to St. Louis in January. The lighting sucks, the exposure is unbalanced, the focus is a bit fuzzy, and my make-up is clearly showing the signs of waking up early, taking a 2 hour flight with a baby, then visiting with family and friends for about 4 hours. But my hair looks decent. I guess it's not a total loss.

This last one is just a close-up self portrait. I kinda like it, I don't know why. I think I look like you just told me a joke that's not exactly funny, but I can't keep from smiling.

I hesitate putting this one up, though, because it is like a magnifying glass on my wrinkles! That mole on my upper lip! My huge nostrils!!! I know, you're probably like, "... uh, what?" But don't we all focus on our (sometimes imagined, sometimes real) imperfections? I know I do.

But, to show that I'm not a total self-hater, I'll say that I like my eyes, and my eyebrows. And, I like my freckles even though they don't really pop until summertime.
Okay, now, you do it too! I want to see what you look like!!


Jennifer said...

I like them all, but the one in the bathtub is amazing.

Bear and Bones Mama said...

really? pictures of me? Um. I don't do pictures well. makes me look old. and chubby. with fat thighs. Sigh. I'll try. later tonight after the kids are in bed and I've had a couple of glasses of wine. the gparents will wonder why there are pictures of me up instead of the kids. they don't want me, man! I need more coffee.

Bear and Bones Mama said...

And I love the picture of you in the tub!

Amber Page Writes said...

That self portrait is great - and the bath tub pic is amazing. It's my daughters birthday this weekend, so I'm sure there will be pics of me soon - mostly though, I stay out of them.

Anna See said...

love them all. bathtub pic is so neat!

Foursons said...

Yay, thanks for sharing! I need to do this too. And your bathroom pictures...amazing.

Gigi said...

you should definitely have the tub pic framed! They are all beautiful but that one is the most beautiful!

Pictures of me? Ummmmm - I'm such a control freak I won't let anyone touch my camera (did you buy that one?)

GunDiva said...

I love the bathtub pic - it's great. My pictures? I'm usually the one behind the camera, but there are a few up on my blog in my slideshow. Nothing too close up (or too current) because I've gained a lot of weight and can't stand to see myself in pictures.