Tuesday, March 2, 2010

random thoughts tuesday

I've been saving up these random thoughts, JUST FOR YOU. You're welcome.

I love AFV. It is so family friendly. And there's nothing better than laughing at some poor sap who's been whacked in the groin with a wiffle ball bat.

I can't believe NBC gave the Tonight Show back to Jay Leno. That was the wrong decision for NBC. Jay should have been a man and stuck with his deal for a primetime comedy show, even if it failed because it sucked so bad. And Conan? He's gotta be pissed.

My kids want to give boy-valentines to boys and girl-valentines to girls. What's up with that? I never gave different valentines to girls vs. boys

Does anyone else out there read the comic "Baby Blues" ? Do you think it is exactly like your life, like I do? And I just have to ask, how do they know me so well???

My electric bill for December was over $500. That's seems really high to me. And, it's not like we run our heater very high: 70 during the day and 68 at night. I noticed last year it was really high too. I thought, "That's weird. It isn't usually TOO cold in December." Then I realized: Christmas lights. Next year we are SO going to do the LED lights, or else have a twinkle-free Christmas.

I saw a picture today of a sexy mermaid. I guess mermaids are supposed to be one kind of fantasy for men. But, really? If she has scales and a dolphin flipper from the waist down, where is the fantasy gonna go? It's kind-of a non-starter, don't you think?

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Gigi said...

Too funny you relate to Baby Blues (which I love) while I am currently convinced that the Zits comic has my house bugged.....

Sugar said...

Great post...and I've been waiting all day! I think I'm becoming too dependent on the blogs I follow for comic relief. Fortunately, yours makes me laugh! Oh...also...about Sunday's blog...can completlely relate. I think the lack of communication comes around after we've been married for several years. Don't worry; you'll get it back. The fact that you're aware that it's an issue is a start..in my opinion. And I bet Ryan might be having these same thoughts...maybe just not as frequently. I don't know about you, but I really thought the self esteem issues would mysteriously disappear when we became 'grown ups' (ahem...I'm 40) but I guess I'm wrong. So many of my girlfriends feel the same way you described. I think all we need every now and again is some validation. Hang in there-

Foursons said...

What was your electric bill for January? If it was still high get your unit checked out. Ours was running 24/7 which meant the meter was too. Yikes!

Maggie S said...

I love AFV and my husband says you can only just watch that so many times. No really. It NEVER stops being funny. He laughs too.

Aleta said...

Thanks for the laughs. 500? OMG, that's high! December for us was about 150. But then, we have LED Christmas lights :)

Jennifer said...

Great thing about having an electrician husband... he can check all of that stuff out. My friend said the energy saver light bulbs really helped her light bill. What about the water heater? Is it gas too? Are y'all taking more showers or something? Doing more laundry?

Bridgett said...

Definite non-starter on the mermaid. Have these men ever been to the smelly ocean anyway? That's why sex on the beach has always seemed like such a stupid idea to me. Sand is itchy. Sun is hot. There are creatures and bugs and smelly fish water. Hello?

Mama B said...

Do you follow Conan on Twitter...it's so funny! I also can't believe they kicked him to the curb!

Um how can Baby Blues be your life when its mine :-)

I love reading all you southerns talk about your heating woes, really hahaha! Hubby keeps us at 67 during the day, 68 in the evening/morning, and 65 at night....unless it's one of the 20 below days, than he lets us have 68 at night.

I was laughing about this with Jennifer because I commented that it was 36 and sunny, so I opened a window, she said she would be in a corner under a blanket!