Thursday, April 15, 2010


Heeyyyyy Y'all.

I've been noticably absent for a few days. Or, maybe, not-so-noticably. Here's what I've been doing:

1) cursing under my breath while raking and watering and weed-n-feeding the lawn. And pruning trees. And pulling weeds. And using these things to aerate our lawn:

You wear them on your feet (with shoes, of course) and stomp around on your lawn to punch holes in the dirt. I think I'm just humoring myself into believing it will help.

2) Having a birthday party for Charlie Brown. I made a cake that, while tasting yummy, completely flopped. It was a 2-layer cake, and after frosting it, the top layer slid off the bottom later and the frosting all dripped off the sides. It looked like a frosting avalanche. Not pretty. But very tasty. The second wave of birthday desserts was a recipe from Cooks Illustrated. They were supposed to have some ganache filling in the middle with a meringuey light chocolate frosting. (You know where this is going...) Ganache center fell to the bottom and right out the bottom of the cupcake. Meringue-ey light chocolate frosting was more like whipped chocolate air. And it wasn't very sweet. I must have a very unsophisticated palate.

3) Laundry. Have I mentioned that there are 7 people in my house? And I have 2 children who still wet themselves and one baby who poops on clothes on a regular basis? Yeah, laundry is a very tiring, very unrewarding chore. And, a chore from which I can NEVER take a vacation, or I will RUE THE DAY I have to stare down the mountain of stinky towels.

4) Working on our Church Youth Group's Trivia Night! This is a job I actually like, but it's taking me some time. Bills are coming in and I've been less than generous with the cha-ching tithing for our church, so I feel it's my duty to give of my time & talents, while the treasure is kinda sparse. So, do you know which book of the bible is the longest (with the most number of words)? Do you know when the Dallas Cowboys joined the NFL? Do you know what company this logo represents:

If you do, you should come to our Trivia Night! That is, if you live in the DFW area. I mean, it's fun but I wouldn't buy a plane ticket to come or anything.

Okay, so, hopefully I'll be back soon when I can peel my hands away from a Diet Coke long enough to stay awake!

BTW, the answers are Jeremiah, 1960, and Diners Club International. I hope you didn't cheat by googling it!

**Edited to add: I am checking on the Jeremiah thing. That's the word I got from my study bible but I'm not sure. Psalms seems like the logical answer, but the verses are written in prose and therefore not paragraph form. I think Jeremiah has a higher word-count. I'll let ya know.


Foursons said...

Wanna come do my yard now? I'll pay in chocolate.

Gigi said...

Yeah - the absence has been noticable; but I forgive - cause I know what ya mean; real life usually comes first - especially that darn laundry.

I don't know about the second set of desserts - but was the cake still kinda warm when you frosted it? Or was the frosting really thin? Both of those would have made it slide right off.

And - who me? Use the all powerful google to look up answers??

Bridgett said...

I've had frosting mishaps before...

I knew diner's club; I would have guessed Isaiah and been ticked at myself; I know nothing about football. I love trivia nights though!!

Jennifer said...

Of course I know what that image is. Who wouldn't? LOL

Anna See said...

you're a busy girl! trivi night sounds fun!

Sturgmom said...

I thought those shoes looked like some kind of torture device... until I realized the spikes went down... Ah yes, it's been "one of those days."

Wendy said...

I dunno what to say about those shoes. Except that I need a pair, and not for my lawn. Ahem.

BUT - I bought one of those camera things... and it ROCKS! It is AMAZING! I cannot believe the difference. Even hubby quit griping about the money when he saw the pics.