Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sweet Relief

What does a tired mom of 5 need more than anything else in the world?

Maybe you'd say Mary Poppins. Maybe you'd say a stiff drink. Maybe you'd say some effective birth control.

But, no. The answer is... SPAAHHHH.

Yes, that's right, a spa day. And Holly from June Cleaver Nirvana delivered. She was approached by the folks at Scrubbing Bubbles to have an event for bloggers in the DFW area. So she shot out an invitation to all the lovely ladies she knows in our town and PRESTO my stress level dropped a few notches. The theme was all about minimizing morning madness with the Scrubbing Bubbles product, but the event was really just an opportunity for us ladies to relax and blow off some steam. Oh, and get treated to mani/pedi's or massages or facials. (I opted for the latter two).

Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU HOLLY.

Saturday morning, Four Seasons Resort and Spa. That's where the magic happens. You would not believe the opulence of this place. Unless, of course, you've been a guest at the Four Seasons. And, as I was wandering through the lobby and salon and spa of this beautiful place, I wondered exactly how much my treatments would run. I concluded that if I had to ask, then I surely couldn't afford it.

We gathered at 9am, checked in, and we were whisked off to the luxurious dressing rooms where we were outfitted in supersoft white robes and Four Seasons slippers. We were welcome to wait for our treatments while relaxing by the waterfall, or we could munch on complimentary snacks including fresh fruit, bagels & cheese, coffee, and bottled water. (Sadly there was no diet Coke, but my liver thanked me.) All the ladies, myself included, truly enjoyed chatting with one another, getting to know each other better, and discussing all things blog.

As we left we were given a basket with goodies in it, just fun stuff like a notepad, a little digital clock, a mug, and a thumb-drive. We also got a complimentary bottle of the newest Scrubbing Bubbles product. I asked the lovely gals from the ad agency, were they going to give a presentation about Scrubbing Bubbles? Did we need to review the product for our blog? Did we need to write about it? Their answer: Nope, not unless you want to. No presentation. Just a fun PR event for busy mommy-bloggers in the DFW area.

SAH-WEET! The delivery was so low-pressure I was almost wondering if it was too good to be true.

As I left the Four Seasons, I walked out to the self-park lot because - although the valet parking was complimentary - there was no way in hell I'd be letting another human into my minivan on THAT day. Let's just say that the level of unnecessary school papers, items to be dropped at Goodwill, and leftover fast-food containers was at an all-time HIGH. But to me it was a chariot. Even though it kinda snapped me back into the reality of my 5-child, carpet-stained, stinky-laundry world, for a few hours I was able to pretend that I was just having my regular weekly spa treatments with my fellow ladies from "the club".

Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I smell a poopy diaper that is way overdue for some attention...

Holly and I relax in front of the waterfall/lounging area

The Four Seasons bathrooms. Aren't they just disgusting? Reminds me of a Mobil station...

MMM yummy food, made all the more yummier because I DIDN'T HAVE TO PREPARE IT!

Okay, I am hoping that I can get everybody's names on here correctly. Starting in back, going left to right...

Amy from Living Locurto and IHeartFaces
Mariah from Humphries Nation
Lynley from Save The Phillips Family
Rebecca from Moms Out Loud DFW
Candace from MamaMia
Angela - she's Candace's sister
Holly from June Cleaver Nirvana
Gretchen from Who Put Me In Charge Of These People???
Shauna from Blah Blah Blog

Now, in the front:

Rachel from Quirky Momma
Laurie from Tip Junkie
Bianca from Becoming Bianca
Cynthia from Oh So Cynthia
Kim from Savor The Days

not pictured: Shannon from Milk and Cuddles; Lea Ann from Mommy's Wish List


Dawn Sherriff said...

Your right, the bathrooms look awful. i hope you complained.

Dawn Sherriff said...


Gigi said...

Oh wow - how awesome for you!

texasholly said...

So much fun! I am so glad you could come. I fell in love with the girls from Scrubbing Bubbles too...and my bathroom has been looking more and more like the Four Seasons and less and less like a Mobile Gas Station - hahaha.

Jennifer said...

That is awesome. I'm so jealous. For real.

And another for real, I'm pretty sure my bathroom does look like a Mobil Station. Maybe even that cheesy convenience store with the no name gas that you have to get the key attached to a hub cap to open the door. Yeah, it's been awhile since I've had time to clean.

Foursons said...

Looks like fun! But seriously, the bathroom is appalling. Someone should do something about that.

Emily said...

What an awesome day! I cant' think of anyone who's earned it more. I hope you're still able to hang on to that relaxing feeling!

Bear and Bones Mama said...

Oh lucky you!!! Couldn't have happened to a nicer person. I'm going for a pedi next week with some friends...not Four Seasons, but one here in town where you get to watch bad TV and eat M&Ms. Seriously! Taking a vacation we can't afford soon to Hawaii with the in-laws, so I must have pretty feet.

Sturgmom said...

I'm so jealous! Almost makes me wish I was back in the Big D. I wonder if those scrubbing Bubbles folks would head south a little ways. I mean, we've got a La Quinta in town- isn't La Quinta Spanish for "spa"? ;)

Frugal Vicki said...

I am beyond jealous. First of all that you got to meet so many wonderful ladies, but what better way to do it??

Quirky Momma said...

It was a blast! I wish I had the chance to talk to you more! Hopefully, we'll get to meet again at another blogging function!