Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekly Winners, May 16-22

This past week was a busy one for me, with my in-laws being in town. They are really great. I am so lucky to have them for in-laws. I couldn't ask for better ones.

Texan Papa playing with the kids at the park with rocket balloons. You blow them up and let them go, and they slowly shoot up, letting out a high-pitched squeal. SO fun.

The brick wall outside my front door. I swear, I'm running out of interesting ways to photograph my surroundings. I can only take so many pictures of... grass. rocks. ants. ivy. *sigh*

This is the long driveway that leads up to the house at Southfork Ranch, where the TV show "Dallas" was filmed. The house turned out to be so much smaller than shown on TV. There wasn't much of a tour, but we took it anyway. Now at least we can say we've seen it.

These next two pictures were taken after the rain on Monday. I loves me some rain for awesome photography shots.

Hose. Need more explanation?

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That hose shot is INSPIRED!

love it!

Amy said...

Love the hose shot. My girlfriend lived next door - down the way- from that Dallas house growing up. I always thought that was interesting because it was at the time when that show was all anyone could talk about.

Rebecca said...

I actually really like the bricks! The hose too...interesting ways to depict the uninteresting.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I love hose! Great angle

Terrie said...

those are great. the angle on the hose is so different. i'd say you're doing just fine with the "un-interesting". thanks for taking a peek at my pictures. i can't wait to get our new camera back and play with all the new features.

Wym said...

What lens are you using? great shots!

Anna See said...

Loving your pictures!

Janie at Sounding Forth said...

I love the brick shot.

Ladynred said...

I love the hose too. Interesting!
<a href="
/?p=595 /”>WW/365</a>

Ladynred said...

I love the hose too. Interesting!
<a href=" /”>WW/365</a>